The Little Big Things: Choosing Wooden Toys Over Plastic

toy truck

Without a doubt, we’re living in a technology-obsessed era, and this is reflected in the very things our little ones play with. Today, most toys are plastic, electrical, and battery operated, they come with screens and are becoming increasingly computerized. If there’s something that my experience has taught me, it’s that this kind of toys are only good for capturing a child’s attention. So which are the toys that can spark the imagination and improving cognitive and motor skills? I’m talking about wooden toys, of course.

Many years ago, before plastic was even invented, wood was the main material used to make a variety of objects that children played with and cherished. Almost any type of children’s toy can be made from this noble material – from building blocks to wooden toy trucks for sale or the ones that come at higher prices. Sadly, today wooden toys are a rare thing to come across. But when you do, you’ll know you have found a toy that will benefit you and your child in numerous of ways. Let’s take a look at some of them.

They Inspire Imaginative Play

Sure, plastic toys make sounds, light up, and seem very fun at first sight. But after the initial excitement wears off, the toy will wind up in the pile of other unused and forgotten toys. When a toy is designed to fulfill a specific role, there is only a limited amount of ways you can play with it, whereas wooden toys allow for more open-ended play. They encourage children to come up with their own sounds and imagine countless of ways they can play with them.


A Healthier and Safer Choice

This is pretty obvious. Children are in a very close contact with their toys, cuddling them or putting them in their mouth. This means that parents should be wary of what their child is exposed to on a regular basis. It’s frightening when you think about it, but plastic and rubber toys can release a number of toxic chemicals, such as phthalates and BPA. On the other hand, by choosing wooden toys that contain no finishes, you can rest assured that your little angel is playing with a natural, non-toxic item. Plus, wooden toys are very sturdy and rarely contain small parts, unlike plastic toys which can easily break and present a potential choking hazard.

They Are Soothing and Quiet

Wooden toys do not pollute the environment with chemicals, and they don’t add to your home ambiance irritating sounds and lights. Being bombarded by so much noise can easily distract your kids, and even make them anxious and afraid. Not to mention how a noisy toy combined with a crying toddler can easily give you a headache. But in the case of wooden toys, children cannot leave them accidentally running and making incessant beeps. Instead, wooden toys allow you to focus on your child’s laughter and voice as he/she interacts with them. Having such moments of quiet is something parents cherish the most. So next time, instead of looking at the beeping train sets, turn your child towards the isle of the store where the wooden toy trucks for sale are.

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