Bedroom Aids: How to Make your Room More Comfortable and Practical

Regardless of the type of disability, every person that is physically challenged in a certain way, desires to have at least one place they can call their safe haven. And the ideal area for creating this safe place is, of course, the bedroom. In fact, the bedroom is everyone’s favourite spot in the home, – the private sanctuary where we unwind after a long busy day and clear our thoughts. When it comes to people with disability however, this room would require a few adjustments in order to make the experience easier and safer. This can be easily done with the help of bedroom aids as their main purpose is to give those in need the opportunity to move more independently in the comfort of their bedroom. In the light of that fact, daily living bedroom aids can make quite a difference as they can improve people’s mobility and their quality of life.

Adjustable Bed

Simple yet stylish, community adjustable beds can provide a person with a good night’s sleep as they can offer several positions, allowing for the patient to find the perfect sleeping/resting position. One can choose between a simpler adjustable bed and an electronically controlled one with a lot of features like a self-help pole, total-lock castors, mattress retainers, larger lifting range, knee bend, a combined backrest knee bend, integrated bed extensions and so on. Whether experiencing back pain or not being able to get out of bed, an adjustable community bed can provide the perfect position in order to alleviate that pain and to make the user feel more independent while in it.

Support Pillow

A support pillow is always welcomed, in any shape and size. This living aid’s main purpose is to give the user the needed comfort and to provide them with proper back support. Depending on the model, shape, and size, the person can choose a support pillow that is big enough (like a banana pillow) in order to provide an overall body support when sleeping, reading, or relaxing.

Bedside Commode

Bedside commodes are ideal for those who cannot get out of bed or are physically unable to walk the distance between the different rooms in the house. There are a variety of different models and styles ranging in size, type, colour, and features, but their one and main purpose is the same – to provide the users with a convenient and safe way to use the bathroom, or simply be able to go from one room to another. For a greater convenience, choosing a bedside commode with an adjustable height would make for an ideal choice.

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