Welcome the Sun in Your Own Yard: a Deck Chair, Messy Hair and a Nice Cocktail

Blessed you are if you have a large deck attached to your living room space. Oh, all the sun therapy you can get! And not to talk about the pleasure of taking your morning coffee with all that natural beauty awakening you; ah, the good things in life. Me and my boyfriend recently moved into a new small house in the suburbs of Melbourne in a lovely area with a lot of sun every day. And when speaking about all the good things you can live through just by having a deck, let me proudly say that I refused every house that didn’t have one. Yes, it is that big of a deal for me.

Deck Chair

Now maybe the house was a little more on the higher end of the price list, but hey, nothing worth having comes the easy way (or the cheap one, for that matter). And when me, with my kinky hair and loving attitude towards the small things like the view, the sun and the morning coffee, asked my baby to get me that house, he simply couldn’t say no. And how could he, after I explained him the magical things I will do to the space with a simple deck chair and a few decorations.

A large deck serves one very simple purpose – for arranging a few fancy looking deck chairs, a small table and a bar. Then simply choose the time of the day when the sun burns the most and get it all! The sun is a source of positive energy and health (with sunscreen of course), and anyone claiming the opposite clearly knows nothing about the origins of life. I instantly looked online for the type of deck chair that will most fit the deck and got two designed with black and white stripes and one hanging deck chair.

The deck chair in black and white stripes is perfect for laying back in a bikini with the sun glasses on and a perfectly prepared Cosmopolitan in my hand on a hot summer’s day. And the hanging chair is great if your partner, much like mine, doesn’t enjoy the sun as much. What can I do, there are people of the kind as well. In the privacy and comfort of your own home, with the music you want and the mood you enjoy in, you have your own sun-worshipping area. Yup, real life pleasures.

So, if you do have a deck, please make the most of it. Get yourself the essentials like a deck chair and the cocktail making elements and of course, the fancy glasses and do use the sun and its healthy benefits all summer days long!


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