Choose the Right Commercial Hospitality Equipment and See Food Magic Happen


Ever since I was little, I’d sit out and watch my grandma cook, being her helping hand, passing her the ingredients she needed. Watching her chop, add, sprinkle and stir felt like watching magic happen. She was a gentle mentor, thanks to her instructiveness and patience I learned a great deal of things about which ingredients work together as well as how not to be afraid to try out something new in the kitchen. Her idol was Julia Child and she certainly passed down that inspiration to me, with one quote more motivational than the other. If you ask me which one I recall the most, it’s got to be “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”. Perhaps Julia considered cooking as her calling later in life, but I’d always known food to be my passion.

Not only do I love eating, but I love cooking as well. Just seeing the pleased faces of my family whenever they try out my dishes is a feast for my eyes. Needless to say, this love of mine for cooking had to reach out to more people at one point, and I didn’t have to wait for more inspiration to strike but open up a restaurant of my own as soon as I could. Of course, I also had my share of gaining experience working in other restaurants and diners, but having my own place has long been a dream of mine. However, making that dream come true was surely a lot of work, time-consuming at some points to say the least but don’t let that talk you out of following your passion because it pays off eventually. I can say after having several trials and errors with the whole design of the place (not to mention first spending hours and hours looking for that particular place), I can say the most important bit of a successful start is the choice you make with the commercial hospitality equipment supplies as much as it is with choosing the staff.


Though you might not start off with plenty of assets, you will lose significantly more money if you opt for used instead of new equipment. Trust me, been there done that. If you want to make the most of this investment, the best piece of advice you can probably get is to buy everything you need from one hospitality store. The more you buy, the better deal you’re going to get. Nowadays, finding a good deal is easier thanks to the internet, just look up hospitality store and suppliers you find reputable that have more to offer. If you aren’t sure and don’t know exactly everything that you’ll be needing, you can let food be your guide.

Before you purchase the equipment, create the menu and think of how many customers you intend to serve at once, how busy your kitchen will be as well as the amount of space you have for appliances and whether you’re going to make use of electric or gas equipment. The kind of appliances you’re going to need have to be based on specific dishes on your menu, deciding whether you require convection oven, deep fryer, wok burner, microwave and char grill. Once you’ve got that covered, you can take care of the rest of the details, the plates, platters, utensils, napkins and decorating bits and pieces.

It’s not always going to be fun, sometimes it can be overwhelming as it did for Bradley Cooper in Burnt, but that’s also part of making your way to success. You have to strive to be unique, create your brand and logo, think of the customers and create affordable menus with dishes for a wider scope of people. It’s all about food and your passion for it.

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