The Daring & Playful Style of Paris’s Modern Women


Another spectacular edition of Paris Fashion Week has come to an end. Fashion’s most influential editors have already expressed their detailed opinion and immense satisfaction with everything this event had to offer, picking Chanel’s unforgettable retro-futuristic show as its highlight. I, too, marveled at Karl Lagerfeld’s bold creations and even bolder stage, the theme of which reminded us all of our sinister relationship with today’s technology, but I must admit that Paris’s streets were once again my favourite catwalk. The women of Paris never cease to inspire and amaze me (and millions of other ladies from all the corners of the world) with their refined taste in clothes, their unique and fearless combinations, and their unbreakable confidence.

So, what are the most important fashion lessons we all should learn from Paris’s modern women? Well, my dear girlfriends, this is an awfully challenging task, but I believe I managed to make an excellent choice. All right, shall we begin?

Lesson #1: Dare to toy with colors. Yes, this simple reminder deserves to be mentioned as many times as necessary, for it’s a great one. When it comes to the Australian woman’s style, I have noticed that playfulness is what she lacks the most. Well, since it’s springtime here, now can be the perfect time to start implementing bright colors into your everyday outfits. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear the colors you don’t like, but you should try to create vibrant and daring combinations with the ones you do, just like the two gorgeous red looks Jessica Alba rocked during Paris Fashion Week.


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