Transform Your Bathroom With Stylish and Functional Solutions That Surpass the Trends

Achieving successful bathroom design isn’t easy. Often, you have to work within a constrained space and make long-term decisions considering it’s a room that doesn’t get redecorated and remodelled often. That said, you have to come up with solutions that allow for maximum comfort and efficiency and are also timeless in terms of looks.

If you’re in need of inspiration, check out these practical bathroom design ideas that surpass the trends. Whether you’re building an elegant primary suite, remodelling a guest bathroom or transforming a small studio apartment bathroom into a zen-like oasis, these ideas maximise every last square cm of space.

Basin With a Matte Finish

domus basin with matte finish


The basin is often the centrepiece of the bathroom around which the rest of the design revolves. It’s also the most frequently used element and as such, it’s prone to damage and staining.

To give your bathroom something long-lasting and which will also look elegant, you may want to invest in a basin of higher quality. And one of the most popular basin models currently are those with a matte finish. And for several good reasons.

The matte finish is a modern technique that is much softer than the alternative glossy basins. This option adds a sense of elegance to your bathroom experience because it is smooth to the touch and pleasing to the eye. A matte basin is a great choice if convenience is important because fingerprints, flaws, and smudges are less noticeable on matte surfaces. matte finish for easy maintenance and modern comfort.

When it comes to matte basins, as well as other types of matte fixtures, the range of Domus Living certainly stands out. Domustone Pure®, a matte white solid surface material that is homogenous throughout its thickness and depth, is used to create Domus Living basins. Natural minerals and bio-resins of vegetable origin make up a large portion of its velvety texture, which is reminiscent of natural stone.

It is also fireproof (class 1), UV resistant, hygienic, non-toxic, and simple to clean. The exterior surface of the basin can also be given a colourful finish (the surface that’s not in direct contact with water). The entire Domus Living line is produced in Italy, so you can rest assured you’re getting something of European quality. And for a matching look, you can also choose suitable basin hardware with a matte finish.

Stone Bathtub

Stone bathtubs are traditional and contemporary at the same time. With such a timeless piece in your bathroom, you can simply switch out the rest of the decor and get the look that you want. If you have the money, space, and desire, designing your bathroom around a statement stone bathtub will make the space more luxurious.

But if investing in a stone bathtub is too expensive for you, you can get a solid surface bathtub made of a material designed to resemble stone. In this case, Domus Living is again the range to check out. The company makes beautiful freestanding baths with velvety textures reminiscent of natural stone which are just as stunning, hygienic and easy to clean.

Wall Tile

wall tile


Covering bathroom walls in floor-to-ceiling stone or tiling has become a popular design trend that is both practical and visually appealing, drawing the eye upward to make bathrooms feel more spacious. Walls lined with tiles are much easier to keep clean and don’t need to be repainted every year like standard painted walls do.


Installing good lighting is an essential part of any room design, but bathroom lighting is frequently harsh and unflattering in a room where you don’t want that. That said, it’s a good idea to invest in quality overhead fixtures with bulbs that mimic natural daylight for the most flattering effect.

You can also use lighting to add some drama. For instance, a sleek built-in wall-to-wall shower niche with LED backlighting adds a glamorous touch. The ambient light adds another layer of lighting in a space that often lacks natural light and creates a soothing glow for nighttime showers.

If you want to add light to your shower, hire a professional who can make sure it’s safe and waterproof.

Obscured Glass

Interior designers love to play with obscured glass on windows and doors in private rooms like the bathroom and bedroom. This little trick helps preserve privacy while letting the light shine through. It is also a classy solution for your bathroom that never goes out of style.

If you don’t have windows or don’t want a glass door, you can use obscure glass on your shower screen. This will create a splash guard while letting in light for better visibility in the shower. Plus, you’ll get privacy if someone else wants to use the bathroom for some reason.

Practical Storage

bathroom storage


Lack the space to store all your bathroom essentials? With this little trick, you can increase the storage capacity of your bathroom wall cabinet.

Attach a magnetic memo board to the inside of the cabinet door to make it a storage hub for small grooming tools and beauty products. To hold items, use slim magnetic containers and hooks, or attach magnets to the backs of cosmetic products to stick them right on the door. Make sure that everything is arranged so that the door can still close completely.

You can also consider adding some open shelves and put up cute storage baskets and boxes to hold additional items. Not only will this increase your storage space, but it will also add some decorative accents to the wall.


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