Mobility Scooter: The Features to Look For

If you or a loved one have impaired mobility, a mobility scooter is one of the best solutions to help you get around and regain your independence. However, with the various different models available nowadays, buying the right scooter at an affordable price can be quite the challenge. After all, most scooters are quite expensive, so you should do some homework before you make a purchase in order to ensure you get your money’s worth. In order to do that, you need to consider all the features of mobility scooters, and evaluate which ones matter to you the most. All of them will have an impact on the price of the scooter, so think about what you value most first.



Comfort is something you shouldn’t compromise on. Since you’ll be likely using theĀ mobility scooter for prolonged time periods, it needs to be comfortable enough to sit on. Generally, the comfort of a scooter is enhanced by padded seats, adjustable back-rests, and other comfort elements. There are scooters designed specifically for people with joint and back problems.


All scooters are battery-powered, which means they have a limited range. Most people use them for trips to the store, to a friend’s house, social clubs, etc. Typically, their battery is recharged throughout the night so that you can use the scooter again in the morning. That being said, consider the distance you will need to travel with your scooter before it runs out of battery power. Some models can go for 10-15 kilometres, while others can go over 30.


The scooter should be easy to use so that even the most physically impaired people can get around with minimal effort. Most models have a one-hand control that’s designed to control direction and speed, and they have a single start button to power them. Additionally, they should be safe and secure to use. The scooter should include efficient brakes and non-tip wheels.


Many people use a scooter to get around their neighborhood or visit the local mall. However, if you’re someone who’s going afield frequently, you’ll need your scooter to be compact so that you can transport it in a vehicle. Some models are small enough to fit into a small van-sized vehicle, while others might need to be disassembled. Those that need to be broken down are typically designed in a way for that to be done relatively easy and quick.


Lastly, you need to consider your budget. You usually get what you pay for, so the more expensive the scooter is, the more comfortable, compact, safe, practical and powerful it will be. I understand that most people have a limited budget, so your best bet is to compare a few models within the price range you can afford and see which one will suit you best.


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