Catalytic Converter Does More Than Reducing the Amount of Harmful Pollutants

Technology is growing at a rapid rate and new technologies are constantly being developed and improved. This holds true in almost every industry, so it’s best we learn to walk with this rapidly moving force rather than go against it. In the automotive industry, there are new discoveries and improvements on regular basis, but the one that made the biggest impact, in my opinion, is the invention of the catalytic converter.

The catalytic converter is part of the modern fuel systems of newer vehicles that helps regulate the exhaust. As such, it’s part of the new emission standards for vehicles and it’s tied into a very complex computerised engine system that involves oxygen sensors that monitor the fuel mix for a vehicle. Modern computirised fuel systems replace the older traditional ones that were featured in older cars where the carburetor was the one responsible for providing a fuel and air mix, and owners had to check the fuel mix by inspecting spark plugs or other hand-on mechanical observations.


Some experts point out that using a high flow catalytic converter can be particularly useful for vehicles with big engines like heavy duty trucks, oversized vehicles and sports cars. When a vehicle has a large engine, a high flow catalytic converter can help provide better processing for the exhaust that comes out. According to automotive professionals, fuel parts and mixes of exhaust that are incompatible can prevent the optimal performance of the vehicle. Moreover, high flow cats help alleviate some of the more commonly reported problems with newer fuel systems.

In many vehicles the cat becomes clogged over time, especially if other parts of the exhaust system are not working properly. Improper fuel mixes can compromise the cat and cause a flag in the engine computer. If a cat is clogged, it will most likely require an expensive replacement. A high flow cat might stand a better chance of lasting a long time down the road.

Moreover, high flow catalytic converters are designed to satisfy the emission controls in all Australian states. Many states have periodic mandatory emission inspections, and having a compliant exhaust and fuel system will help you save money. Drivers who learn more about their exhaust and fuel systems can clearly see how adding a high flow cat is beneficial for their vehicle. This kind of knowledge comes in handy when the vehicle is experiencing fuel system issues.

Most newly-made vehicles are built with a check engine light which indicates a wide range of problems, including slight emission problems and engine integrity failures. It may take extensive diagnostic work to find out what’s happening with the exhaust or fuel system, so understanding how parts are tied together makes a big difference in the actions you can take to get the necessary diagnosis and repair.

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