Stevia Water Drops: Water Flavoring Without Artificial Sweeteners

Being part of the 21st century means being part of a rat race. The minute we get up, we’re faced with the mundane day to day life, even looking stress in the face immediately, following up a routine of going to work and getting back home with barely anything significant in between. It’s not that difficult to fall into a cycle of unhealthy eating decisions simply because of time and the lack of exercise only exacerbates the problem. The increase in overweight and obese children  is the perfect indicator of how grave the problem is.

water drops

Being aware of the situation is helping in ameliorating, with more individuals taking their health conditions into their hands and working to implement healthy habits and routines into their daily schedules but sometimes not every decision is as healthy as it seems. Though many of us are focused on proper nutrition, most forget to add water in the equation so the eight glasses of water, the recommended dose by doctors, is far from reached on a daily level. While some forget, there are also those who just can’t stand the taste of water itself and they’d rather choose sodas instead. However, things started to change when water enhancers started appearing.

At first glance things seem ideal, however, people fail to notice these enhancers are artificial, usually falling for the “no sugar” labels. The point is in making the wise decision of having water flavoring without artificial sweeteners, for instance by opting for water drops stevia based instead of other water enhancers as they’re natural, extracted from the South American plant stevia rebaudiana. You’d be guilt-free, since this kind of water drops are calorie free, sweeter than sugar and bountiful in flavor options, from strawberry, lemon, raspberry, peach, to the tropical mango.

The counter-effects of artificial sweeteners are instead of helping improve one’s health, they cause a number of health issues, starting from obesity to more serious conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. When you implement water flavoring without artificial sweeteners, you avoid exposing yourself to such risks and still maintain the balance and water intake your body requires for optimal function. Thanks to stevia’s calorie free and sweet taste, you can easily get turn drinking up the daily recommended dose into a habit without making a fuss of it.

You might as well try sweetening your water by adding pieces of fruits in, but if you find that too sour for your taste, stevia is the way to get you used to the water intake. Nowadays, with the variety of wellness and mindful apps you don’t even have the excuse anymore that you forgot to drink enough glasses of water, just set the app and you’ll get the reminder working every time. Top up, add some drops, and reap the benefits.

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