Business Casual: Dressing for the Office Can be Cool

office outfits

Though change is an indispensable part of life, nowadays more than ever before it’s the time of change. We have to thank the busy lifestyles for many of the changes ongoing, like the dressing code at the office.

Unlike before, when there was a clear distinction between formal and casual, and only formal was allowed in the office, things have steered towards business-casual (also called smart-casual), the ideal combination, the best of both worlds. This refers to the shoes for the office as much as it does to the suit, shirts, and pants.

This has come as a result of the need for comfort even at the workplace, in order to get the shoes that are not going to take their toll on your feet, and the steering of luxury brands towards the adoption of a blend of elegant and casual.

Shoes for the Office

It goes for both men and women: there are many possibilities of getting the perfect look without going all formal, starting from the choice of shoes for the office, choosing from different materials, colours, and styles, e.g. classics like brogue, or slip ons for men, court shoes or ballerinas for women.

Since we’re talking about comfort, it’s needless to say boots make the perfect option too. Good news is, even if you go for shoes that are overtly classified as casual, you can still add a touch of formal with the rest of the outfit and accessories of course.

Since the tie is no longer a must, getting shirts with colars that can do well being exposed is what men should be after, and then complement the business look with stylish cufflinks. For women the portofino shirt makes a good choice, particularly when paired with a one-button blazer, and a pleated or pencil skirt – what’s important to remember is the skirt can’t be too short.

office shoes

When it comes to pants, low rise columnist or editor pants do give off a more business look for women, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for high waisted skinny or sash pants either. Men’s office outfits would do well with chinos (as long as they’re slim), particularly in the navy and camel colours – considered more formal.

Then again speaking of office comfort, jeans aren’t excluded for office men and women – of course, it goes to say office approved jeans are those that aren’t ripped, aren’t shorts, and are in the more formal denim darker hues.

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