The Best Loader Brands Available Online

If you are in construction business, you certainly know the importance of having skilled and highly-trained staff and hi-tech equipment to ensure timely completion of all tasks and projects. Of course, meeting your deadlines will not only secure your position in the industry in general, but will also help you expand your business and increase profits. Finding skilled workers is hard, and so is buying quality equipment. In fact, buying the right equipment such as a loader, a crane, a concrete mixer, etc. is the No.1 concern of all construction companies. Aside from features, specifications and applications, it is important to select the right brand. For example, there are so many loader manufacturers on the market today which offer many different types of loaders, however, not all stand for reliability, durability and superior quality. To ensure the long service life of your loaders, it is important to choose the right brand. Here are few of the top loader brands available online.



One popular loader brand is the American giant Bobcat which was partly sold to a Korean company. Bobcat loaders include unique and advanced features, with high pushing force and minimal ground disturbance. An increasing popularity of Bobcat loaders has been seen in recent years, as Bobcat continually includes new models in its comprehensive range of loaders for sale Australia. Bobcat today offers many different loaders with the ability to be matched with various attachments and come with compact features and options. Operators who look for a reliable loader brand should consider Bobcat, as it is one of the leading brands on the market.


Caterpillar is another popular loader brand, but is also one of the largest manufacturer of loaders. With almost 100 years of existence, Caterpillar offers a wide range of quality loaders for sale in Australia. It is headquartered in Illinois, USA, but distributes loaders all around the world through a network of over 200 suppliers. Caterpillar has a global presence and certainly produces some of the most quality loaders that can be easily recognized by the company’s signature yellow color and recognizable CAT logo.

John Deere

John Deere, the inventor of the first plow, is one of the leading loader brands. The company was founded in 1837 and manufactures agricultural products. John Deere offers loaders for sale in Australia and all around the world, known for quality, reliability and durability. The company has a long and full history of manufacturing loaders because it continually introduces new loaders with various features and controls.

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