The Ultimate Franna Cranes Available Online

Franna, the Australian crane manufacturer is one of the best crane brands in the world. Headquartered in Shepparton, Victoria, Franna offers several models of the only crane that it manufactures – pick and carry crane. therefore, a Franna crane refers to a pick and carry crane, a flexible crane that can be used in many different applications. Franna cranes have accomplished a great success, which has intrigued one big American company, Terex. In 1999, Terex has bought Franna and changed the company name to Terex-Franna. However, the cranes are still known under the name Franna cranes.


Franna cranes for sale are available all around the world and come with various configurations, sizes, shapes and other various features and controls. From small pick and carry Franna crane for small applications to large pick and carry Franna crane with great lifting capacity up to 20 tonnes. Reputable, flexible and multi-functional, Franna cranes for sale are one of the most sought after cranes in the world. The lifting operation of each Franna crane is similar, however, there are several differences specific to each model.

Franna cranes for sale dominate the Australian market since the launch of the first pick and carry crane in 1980. They quickly became popular in Australia, and in the rest of the world. Franna cranes are characterized with high-speed operation, incredible flexibility and versatility, great movability and huge lifting power. As they have no stabilizing legs or outriggers, pick and carry Franna cranes are able to operate and move very efficiently even in tight areas. Their high speed provides a quick access to any job site and due to the quick set up, Franna cranes can start working immediately.

Franna cranes for sale offer many features and controls that enhance the safety, machine operation and the ergonomics of the driver. The comfort element is of great importance to Franna brand, thus the cabs of Franna cranes have a spacious interior, hand-operated hydraulics, a digital load indicator, etc.


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