The Best 5kV Insulation Resistance Testers Available Online

Since insulation resistance testers have always been feature-filled devices, having a list of the most commonly used ones will give you an idea of what actually makes up the performance of the device. I am not saying that the devices mentioned here should be your definitive choice, but they can be a great starting point towards the insulator you will find most useful for your needs. With that said, let’s see what benefits the following 5kV insulators have to offer.

AEMC Digital Insulation Resistance Testers

AEMC 6505

AEMC’s digital portable insulation resistance tester has a rugged case and can be operated on a line power or it can rely entirely on a battery. This megohmmeter can automatically calculate and display both the PI (Polarization Index) and DAR (Dielectric Absorption Ratio), while it can perform voltage and capacitance measurements alongside insulation. As any insulation resistance tester 5kV nowadays, this model also has user-selectable voltages which range from 40V to 5100V. You also get programmable test run and PI times and a large dual-display that shows the time, voltage and measurements. It has the ability to directly measure and display capacitance and current leakage as well as an insulation measurement ranging from 30kΩ to 10TΩ.

Megger MIT515

Although Megger’s 515 offers the same rugged dual-wall case as the previous tester, it has a better battery which gives it 60 minutes of testing from a 30-minute charge. It can also automatically calculate and display both DAR and PI measurements, while its simple operation is made possible by two rotary switches and a big backlit display. It comes with a resistance measurement up to 10Ω and a dedicated voltmeter function ranging from 30V to 660V. This insulation resistance tester 5kV offers a capacitance from 10nF to 25µF when the voltage is set above 500V.

Megger MIT515 5kv resistance insulation tester

AEMC 5050

While both of the previous two testers offer an automatic calculation and display of PI and DAR, the AEMC 5050 one ups them by being able to do so with DD (Dielectric Discharge) too. This tester also has a dual-wall case, a smooth and alarm function combined with the ability to directly measure and display capacitance and current leakage. The AEMC 5050 has a test voltage combination of 500V, 1000V, 2500V and 5000V and programmable test run and PI ratio times. Just like with the AEMC 6505, the adjustable and programmable test voltages range from 40V to 5100V.

Kyoritsu 3125

This digital insulation tester has a short circuit current that goes up to 1.5mA and an insulation resistance up to 1TΩ. It can also diagnose PI and DAR while being able to warn you of high voltage in real-time. It also has a filter function that helps reduce noise interference in order to obtain a stable measurement and it comes with an alligator clip. The Kyoritsu 3125 has the same 30V – 660V voltage measurement range as the AEMC 5050, and like all these devices, it comes in a hard dual-wall case which complies with IEC safety standards. Both the output and discharge voltage are displayed on the screen while you get an auto-off function to help prolong battery use.


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