Alarm Clock: Rise and Shine on Time

The buzz of the alarm clock in the morning will never be your favourite sound, that’s for sure. But then again, your boss yelling over your head when you show up late for work is not too pleasant either. We all can make our mornings easier if we just listen to our alarm clocks urging us to get up and not be tempted by those sweet 5 minutes of sleep that have the power to turn into an hour.

You might be wondering why all this talk about alarm clocks, when it’s the 21st century and everyone uses their phone instead. I also had this nasty habit of using my phone to wake me up, and would have continued to do so until I realized it was disrupting my sleep. How? For one, whenever I picked up my phone to set the alarm, I would waste an additional half hour on social media and chatting with friends. And admit it, you do so too! So, by the time I have hidden away my phone, I robbed myself out of precious sleep time.


Aside from wasting time on social media, there’s another reason why you should buy alarm clock instead of relying on your phone. The blue light that all electronic devices emit is the main culprit. why you’re not getting a good night’s sleep. It’s scientifically proven that the light from your phone’s screen suppresses the hormone melatonin, which soothes you and prepares the body to fall asleep. So, by spending a few minutes in front of the glare of your phone, you’re stimulating your brain instead of relaxing it. Considering this, your phone is like a first date – It’s never a good decision to invite it into your bedroom.

Of course, an alarm clock waking you from your sweet slumber is never going to be much enjoyable, but it sure can make your bedroom more pleasant. With the vast range of options out there, you can buy alarm clock and get a charming décor piece as well. There are many adorable vintage models that look like an old-school analogue clock, but with the added benefit of being completely silent. For myself, I’ve picked one just like that, because it doesn’t disturb my sleep with annoying ticking and tocking and fits perfectly into my cottage style bedroom. On the other hand, for the tech-savvy there are also digital options with all the bells and whistles on them.

And if you’re one that loves to dance around, but only in the privacy of your bedroom, then an alarm clock which doubles as a Bluetooth speaker can be just the thing for you. And of course, there’s also one for the kids that will make getting up fun instead of a chore by using sounds from their favourite cartoons. When scouring your options to buy alarm clock, its important that you choose one that’s as practical as it is pretty. Something that looks cute and harmless, but when it’s time to rise and shine, you’d bet it’s going to be as loud as possible.


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