A Brief History of Poetry

The poetry that success gurus use to uplift inspiration are not really that new as you might think. Writer as Oliver Wendell Holmes and Julia Ward Howe wrote these kind of poems and quotes in the 19th century, they used them to motivate soldiers and stir patriotism.

Almost all of the expectations of romance gained by young women were from authors such as Mary Shelly and William Wordsworth, uplifting the soul of any reader. These and a lot of other authors were read and studied in schools and by students of all ages, up until the Second World War. The poets were somewhat celebrities, but after the war, things changed. 


How Poetry Has Changed Through History

Concurring with the death of Robert Frost, poetry books were being exchanged with paperback novels, readers’ preferring sordid lives of pulp. Success training and self-help motivators being unrecognized were pushed in the coffee houses of Greenwich Village, the pubs of London and the corners of Height Ashbury.

The need for change and the social unrest morphed inspirational poems and they took flight. A great deal of this was done by music and the names like Dylan, Seeger, Edge and others that were asking questions that were disturbing and told us where to search and find the answers. The word freedom was being redefined and the awareness for taking without giving to our planet began to rise, all this because of the new inspirational sayings and poems.

How Poetry Became a Huge Part of Our World

Rapid advancing in the electronic and communication world and the unstable economy, gurus have a challenge grabbing the attention of individuals who are constantly multitasking, under stress and in need of inspirational poems and quotes as part of success training and their individual and spiritual well-being.

Gurus utilize today’s technology and are sending motivational or true love quotes and poems through the internet and social media, reaching out to a hungry crowd. But, these messages aren’t being printed and played on vinyl, they are made into videos accompanied with music and moving pictures. Reaching thousands of people who recognize the benefits and passing the videos to their friends and making them viral.

By nature these quotes and poems can be spiritual, motivational or patriotic. They help you in a way of showing you that you were made to be great or that you should always help those who are being challenged. Reflecting the beauty of nature and showing you how has suffered, it has one thread that is common: it’s all good for you.

The Future Of Poetry

Take rap into consideration and you’ll see that those words are a form of inspiration poems, rising from streets of urban neighborhoods. You also have to take in consideration the use for benefiting of the youth, providing that the messages are of positive nature.

A lot of houses of worship are beginning to use hip-hop and rap to take the youth off of the streets, giving them direction and motivation. There are a lot of personal growth options to choose from, just make sure that the website you get inspirational poems and quotes is rebuttable. The best for you is to take your time reading and pondering the meaning of the poems you like. Poetry has been inspiring and helping people for centuries.

Reference: http://www.quotespoemslove.com/

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