5 Types of Ergonomic Chairs for Your Office

You should never underestimate the importance of a comfortable and ergonomic chair if your work requires you to sit for long hours. Even when you’re working from home, the furniture you’re using plays a big role in how productive you are and how you feel at the end of the day. The chair you’re sitting on can be the reason you love working or the reason you feel back pain, cramps and anxiety. It’s up to you to decide which feeling you like best.

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chairs

When you go on a quest to find your perfect mesh ergonomic office chair, you need to pay attention to each and every detail so that the one you end up buying feels like a dream to sit on. To begin with, ergonomic mesh chairs come both with and without armrests. You should pick depending on how much you find armrests useful.

Moving on, make sure that your chair can be adjusted to different heights so that you create the ideal chair-desk position. It’s not only about the chair being comfortable to sit on but also being capable to adjust to other furniture so that you get the ultimate ergonomic feel.

Ergonomic mesh office chairs are engineered to provide lumbar support to the user while looking sleek. They’re simple to use and get used to. The ergonomic mesh chair is a combination of beautiful aesthetics and great design along with supreme comfort and endless flexibility.

The shape of the ergonomic mesh office chairs on the market promotes healthy and upright posture by pushing the body forward and keeping proper hip angle, which isn’t the case with regular chairs. Some models even come with an adjustable headrest that reduces shoulder tension and improves circulation – another important feature your chair is recommended to have.

Then again, let’s not forget about how important freedom of movement is. You shouldn’t be a prisoner to your chair, instead, you should be able to use it to function better and pain-free during your working hours. For instance, getting a nearby document should be a piece of cake for you, not rocket science. Ergonomic mesh office chairs improve your posture, your health in the long term, the focus during your shift, your mood and your whole perspective about work. In a way, ergonomic mesh office chairs allow you to mix business with pleasure.

Adjustable Drafting Chairs

Drafting chairs are similar to the basic ergonomic chairs, only with a few additional adjustments. For once, the cylinder is longer and the chair can be adjusted to be very high if the conditions require it. And for the same reason, drafting chairs come equipped with a ring around the said cylinder which offers good leg support considering that the ground is off-limits. They are part of modern office furniture.

When it comes to picking a drafting chair, one must make a decision wisely. Although the drafting chair sounds like a great idea, it might not be the best solution for every person. In fact, drafting chairs are usually recommended and are used by architects and engineers as well as scientists and staff working in laboratories. So, if you don’t fall under these categories, you should think through your drafting chair decision.

Executive Leather Chairs

Now, if you want a chair that looks luxurious despite being comfortable, you should consider getting an executive leather office chair. Leather is truly timeless and makes for chairs that not only feel good to sit on but also look amazing. A leather executive chair will provide you with immense comfort and support. Your whole upper body will be tension-free and you’ll be able to work with no disturbance.

Leather office chairs are often thought to be something suitable for a nice and big office only, but quite on the contrary, you can easily incorporate the leather chair in your home office. There’s no reason why your home office should be less comfortable than your actual one. Why choose leather over anything else? Compared to other materials leather is durable, doesn’t get damaged easily and it’s rather easy to maintain and keep clean. And let’s not forget the visual element. The lather chair can make the room look professional and stylish. So, taking all into consideration, you should go for it.

Balance Ball Chairs

The newest trend when it comes to ergonomic sitting solutions is the balance ball chair. Basically, it’s a chair that has a balance ball incorporated instead of the usual cushion. The balance ball is known to help people maintain an upright posture, strengthen their core muscles, improve their balance and remove the pressure from their lower back. Thanks to the balance ball the whole body is stable and the spine and shoulders are aligned well.

A balance ball chair is a perfect way to combine exercise with work. You get all the benefits the balance ball has to offer while working. What better way to multitask than that? Now, although beneficial, the balance ball chair is not the perfect solution for every person. So, before making a purchase when it comes to the balance ball chair, test how you’ll feel with a regular balance ball. It is best to be sure about it before spending some money.

Active Sitting Chairs

Finally, you can get yourself an active chair. Active chairs differ from the traditional ones by their instability. Precisely the instability is the thing that makes you engage your muscles instead of passively sitting throughout your work shift. Usually, the base of the active chair is the one that makes the chair unstable and moving from one side to the other. The stationary position is considered to be bad for the overall health while active sitting lessens the negative effects that long sitting has on the human body.

But, before you choose the one, you need to make sure it has the following features. First, it needs to be adjustable so that it isn’t too high or too low compared to the desk you’re working on. It needs to rock and swivel safely – uncontrolled movement can lead to some sort of injury. And you need to make sure the chair is comfortable and answers all your needs. Otherwise, it’s not worth the trouble.


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