Explore the Outdoors with Bullzye

If you’re a fan of the western country look, you’ll love Bullzye. If you ever decide to take an adventurous holiday in Australia’s isolated regions, make sure you’re well prepared for all weather conditions. The red dirt and the Mars-like scenery are worth all the excitement, but with terrain so distinct from the cities and shoreline, deciding what to bring for a trip to the Outback might be difficult. But worry not, Bullzye have you covered!

Bullzye – The Brand

Bullzye Australia began as a small team in a tiny shop in Queensland in 1999 and gradually began growing to outlets and online stores. This simple concept rapidly became one of Australia’s most popular brands for country wear. From Bullzye shirts to miscellaneous accessories collections, this brand offers a range of country clothing apparel. The name “Bullzye” was chosen to reflect the brand’s concept of being on point with the product’s design and materials.

Bullzye’s Western Wear

Because Australia is such a large country, the climate can be very diverse. While some of us in Far North Queensland will be enjoying a good day by the water, others at Victoria State may be freezing. The Outback and the Northern territory are in the same boat with a moderate winter, and the Central area has one of the hottest summers on the Australian continent. The coastline cities’ weather significantly differs from the Australian rural areas.

With the climate in mind, the clothing you wear should provide both comfort and protection during straining labour. Farming is a messy business, so it’s best to purchase a particular outfit for doing your daily duties. While working on your homestead or small farm, you’ll want to be comfortable, safe, and somewhat attractive. In addition, regular streetwear is rarely durable enough for the strenuous labour needed in the station. Trousers, shirts, and outerwear that protect you from the sun, wind, and rain are required. The most crucial pieces of clothing for every farmer’s wardrobe are the following pieces of the Bullzye winter/summer collection.


T-shirts are excellent for the warmer months, but you’ll want to layer over them with a cool-to-wear long-sleeve shirt to avoid sunburn. This way, you can wear it in the sun, and later let your arms breathe when stopping for lunch or resting under the shade. In the evening, your long-sleeve shirt will protect you from bothersome insects. Enhance your western look with the amazing selection of Bullzye shirts. Most of their models have SPF50+ sun protection.


Bullzye offers a range of hoodies, for the evening and cold winter mornings. They’re casual and comfy making them ideal for everyday use at the station. The Ryder Hoodie is a must-have winter essential, with a thick lining inside for added warmth and comfort. The water-resistant and breathable fabric is ideal for Australia’s harsh and changing weather.


With the weather changes and seasons out here, you’ll want to keep several hats on the side. The Bullzye brand offers a variety of trucker hats for the summer months, to keep the sun off your face and prevent UV damage. In the wintertime, you might want to switch to beanies. Look for one with a blend of merino wool and acrylic fibres. This will have excellent moisture wicking properties as well as a great deal of warmth.


A nice pair of vintage denim jeans will brighten your day. Regardless of how difficult it is to acquire excellent quality denim, you’ll find that Bullzye’s denim jeans collection provides both comfort and safety while at work.

When choosing your day-to-day clothing for the Outback, your apparel should provide sun protection and keep you cool and sweat-free during the day. Wearing garments from head to toe may not seem nice, but you will need protection from the strong UV rays out there, so choose lightweight natural fibres like linen or cotton.

Additional Outdoor Items

Even though we covered the most essential clothing pieces for your duties at the station, you may wish to add some extra equipment to ease your daily life. Bullzye provides extra goodies for western fans and those who may find themselves deep in the wilderness. Pack some of these items to make the travels even simpler.

Gear Bags & Backpacks

If you decide to spend the day fully in the land, make sure you fill up your backpack with gear and lots of food and liquids. Gear bags to carry all of your rodeo gear and clothes will make things so much easier. Place all of your bridles and accessories in their own compartment, and purchase the collection of gear bags and backpacks.

Stubby Holders

Almost every beer enthusiast has a collection of stubby holders that contain memories of happy moments while drinking their favourite beer brands. So Bullzye has its own stubby holder collection that you can add to the bunch! Some say they were created to keep hands from warming up beer, while others claim they are intended to keep hands warm while holding the drink. Originally, these holders were intended to protect a beverage from external sources of heat, such as hot air or direct sunshine. A nice cool beer can actually make you feel much better on those blazing hot summer days.


Mudflaps are a simple but necessary addition for everyone who drives a compact or mid-size SUV or vehicle. They prevent dirt and road debris from kicking up and damaging your vehicle’s delicate parts. They’re usually made out of flexible material like rubber that is resistant to harm from flying debris, the tyre, or the road surface. Mudflaps can be big rectangular sheets hung behind the tyres or little moulded lips behind the rear wheel wells of a vehicle. These guards are also useful for protecting the paint and finish on body side panels.

On a daily basis, your tyres come into touch with a variety of challenges, ranging from muddy water to thick asphalt, make sure you buy the Bullzye mudflap products to keep your vehicle nice and tidy.

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