Lighting Solutions to Illuminate Your Bedroom Like a Dream

Lighting plays a huge part in our daily lives. Having the perfect lighting options throughout your home, as well as outside of it, means both increased security and comfort. When it comes to the bedroom, the lighting is more important than it is in any other room. Representing a safe space, somewhere you can relax and wind down, the bedroom needs a whole set of lighting solutions to be able to fully enjoy it.

bedroom mirror wall lights

It’s a well-known fact that LED lights are the most eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and overall everything-friendly lighting solution out there. Available in a variety of types, styles, and colours, LEDs are something you should definitely incorporate within your home, especially in the bedroom.

Getting your hands on some LED wall lights and ceiling lights isn’t hard. You can shop LED wall lights Australia wide, whether online or in brick-and-mortar stores and you will find a great variety to choose from. However, this can make shopping for lights a bit confusing, so here’s a helpful guide to get you through the process.

General or Ceiling Light

bedroom ceiling light

Even though you may not like it, a ceiling LED wall light is a must. Maybe you’re not going to use it as often, but you should definitely have one installed for a variety of purposes. Not everything is always about creating an ambience. When it comes to cleaning, for example, you’re going to need a good light source that gives you a clear vision of the whole room and its corners, which sidelights or other outlets don’t really offer.

It’s quite fashionable to have and use side lighting nowadays, but the good old chandelier will never go out of style. If you worry about how it’s going to look, you can go for a simple dish-like one that will blend well with the ceiling and won’t stand out or you can make it an accent piece that will attract just the right amount of attention and really bring the room together.

From crystal and glass to fabric-made chandeliers, it all works, you just need to make sure it matches the style and look of all other bedroom accessories you have around. Having a general light is definitely worth it, so I’d urge you to get one even if you do turn it on every once in a while.

Wall Lights and Lamps

bedroom wall lights and lamps

Now let’s talk about the mood-makers. LED wall lighting is best when it’s in the form of sidelights and lamps as they really help boost the atmosphere and keep visibility to a maximum. Instead of dealing with glare from a chandelier, you can comfortably enjoy your activities surrounded by the soft glow of a lamp or an LED wall light positioned in just the right way.

When it comes to lamps, I’d suggest having one that sits atop your desk for all work or school-related tasks and one floor lamp that will help with reading or just relaxing. Your desk lamp doesn’t need much of a lampshade, just a covered top so the light can be concentrated on your desk and not disturb your eyes.

However, your floor lamp should definitely feature a nice lampshade to help tone down the light. You can choose between a glass or a fabric one, depending on the style of your bedroom and the position of the lamp itself.

Cloth lampshades are usually very diverse and cut back glare the best, so you may want to look into those first. However, coloured glass lampshades can also do the job well and offer a nice light show too, so just follow your preference and you’ll make the right decision.

As for the LED wall lights, they can be used as a replacement for your floor lamp and open up more usable space within the room. Mounted on each side of your bed, for example, they’ll add symmetry and harmony to the room. There are a lot of chic solutions when it comes to LED wall sconces and lights, so find the one that suits your bedroom best and just enjoy.

Additional Lights

led lights

Any additional lights you add to your room should either be for functionality or added decor. An LED strip light is a great idea for the bedroom, especially the ones that are able to change colours with remote control.

These are awesome for bedrooms of teenagers and younger children as they allow a custom-made tone to be displayed and offer a lot of different settings. For an extra dreamy look, you can add cotton or cloth above them to create a sky-like effect that will be highlighted by the lights beneath. It will also be a great DIY project for you and your kid.

As for any other light sources, another must-have is a set of vanity lights or a specialized vanity LED wall light that will make it easier to get ready before going out. You can also go with the classic bulb style and feel like a retro movie star every time you sit down to do your hair or makeup.

All of these lights should be purchased from stores that specialize in LED wall lights Australia wide, especially if you’re looking for items that are both functional and well-designed. High quality is also guaranteed when shopping in a specialized store, so save yourself the trouble of replacing and get the real deal from the get-go.


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