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There is no denying that sportswear and athletic apparel have become one of Australia’s most trending clothing options and with the drive of new technology both retail and online sportswear sectors have been booming at incredible rates. The online sportswear sector has been growing at an unbelievably rapid pace providing 6,792 jobs to Australians so far and this number is only set to rise with the growing demand for the luxury that is online shopping.

The retail front of sportswear is set to rise at a steady 5.0% whereas the online sportswear front is set to grow a massive 14.6%. That is a huge leap from last year and the numbers only get better with revenue from online sales accumulating 71 million dollars in 2015 and the retail sector bringing in a great 2 billion. This is definitely been a good year for sportswear and athletic apparel with every number increasing in great value. Annual growth is one of these numbers that also keep rising in great bounds and leaps with the retail sector growing a modest and steady 8.8% and the online sportswear sector growing at a rapid 22.6%.

The foresight for this industry is that it is only set to grow at rapid rates and consumers don’t seem to be getting tired of the health and fitness trend that has taken Australia by storm. The only surprising thing about this industry is the small number of businesses that these statistics were taken from so if you are looking to invest or start your own business now would be a great time to look into the athletic apparel industry.

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