From MX Graphics to Bling Bits: Ways to Customise Your Dirt Bike

Owning a dirt bike isn’t just about hitting the trails and feeling the thrill of the ride, it’s also about expressing your style and making your bike uniquely yours. Customising your dirt bike can enhance its performance, durability, and appearance, turning heads both on and off the track. Let’s dive into some exciting ways you can customise your dirt bike, focusing on motocross graphics (MX graphics), plastics, wheelsets, and bling bits.

Motocross Graphics (MX Graphics)

a dirt bike with custom graphics near a garage door

One of the most popular and impactful ways to customise your dirt bike is through stylish and eye-catching MX graphics. These graphics can transform the look of your bike, giving it a fresh, personalised appearance that reflects your style.

Many companies offer custom MX graphics kits that allow you to choose colours and patterns and even add your name and number. This personal touch not only makes your bike stand out but also helps you identify it easily in a sea of bikes at the track.

There are different types of graphics kits available depending on your needs and budget. Full kits typically include graphics for the shrouds, fenders, swingarm, and number plates. Partial kits may focus on key areas like the front and rear fenders, shrouds, and number plates, allowing you to customize the most visible parts of your bike while keeping costs down. Additionally, there are specialty graphics kits tailored to specific bike models or themes, such as retro designs or brand collaborations.

When selecting MX graphics, opt for high-quality, durable materials that can withstand the rough conditions of off-road riding. Look for graphics made from thick, laminated vinyl that resists scratches, peeling, and fading. Proper application is crucial; ensure the bike’s surface is clean and dry before applying the graphics to avoid bubbles and ensure longevity.

To keep your graphics looking sharp, clean them regularly with mild soap and water. Avoid abrasive cleaners that could damage the graphics. Periodic maintenance will keep your bike looking brand new and help the graphics last longer.


Updating your dirt bike’s plastics is another fantastic way to improve its appearance. Plastics include the fenders, number plates, shrouds, and side panels, which can be easily swapped out to give your bike a fresh look.

Plastics come in a wide range of colours, allowing you to match or contrast with your MX graphics for a cohesive or striking look. Whether you prefer classic colours or bold, vibrant shades, there’s an option for every style.

Replacing plastics is a straightforward process that most riders can do themselves with basic tools. Ensure you have the correct replacement parts for your bike model and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a secure fit.

Besides aesthetics, new plastics can improve the aerodynamics and protection of your bike. High-quality plastics are designed to withstand impacts and resist cracking, helping to protect your bike’s internal components.


a person changing the tyre of his dirt bike

Upgrading your wheelset can significantly enhance both the performance and appearance of your dirt bike. Custom wheels not only add a personalized touch but can also improve handling and durability.

Custom wheelsets are available in various colours and finishes. You can choose rims and hubs that match your bike’s colour scheme or create a bold contrast. Anodized finishes are popular for their durability and vibrant colours.

High-performance wheelsets are made from materials like aluminium or carbon fibre, offering increased strength and reduced weight. Lighter wheels can improve acceleration and handling, giving you a competitive edge on the track.

When upgrading your wheels, consider your tyre choices. Depending on your riding conditions, you might opt for tyres with specific tread patterns that provide better grip and performance.

Bling Bits

custom handlebars and grips on a dirt bike

Bling bits are the small, shiny parts that add a touch of flair to your dirt bike. While they may not drastically change your bike’s performance, they enhance its appearance and showcase your attention to detail.

  • Levers and Pedals: Upgraded levers and pedals in anodized finishes can add colour and style to your bike. They are available in various designs and can provide better ergonomics and durability compared to stock parts.
  • Engine Covers and Caps: Custom engine covers, oil filler caps, and radiator caps are available in various colours and finishes. These small touches can make your bike look more polished and customised.
  • Bolt Kits: Anodized bolt kits are a simple yet effective way to add a pop of colour to your bike. These kits include bolts and fasteners in various colours, allowing you to replace the standard silver hardware with more vibrant options.
  • Handlebars and Grips: Custom handlebars and grips can improve comfort and control while adding a personalised touch. Choose from different shapes, materials, and colours to suit your riding style and preferences.


Whether you’re a casual rider or a competitive racer, these customisation options allow you to express your personality and make your dirt bike truly stand out on the track. So, get creative, explore your options, and transform your dirt bike into a reflection of your unique style and passion for riding.


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