Must-Have Welding Tools and Protective Clothing for an Efficient Workflow

As with every craft, tools are an important part of the equation – they can either make or break your workflow. The quality of your tools is as equally important, and while you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to buy decent ones, investing a little bit more in the equipment you need will probably pay off in the long run. But of course, besides owning the right tools, you also need to have the necessary protective gear that will keep you safe while working and will increase your productivity. Here’s a short list of the welding tools and the protective gear you will need for a safe working environment.

Brush Wheel

To get that smooth weld finish, most people will use an angle grinder. They are not the most efficient tools but they can get the job done. A brush wheel, however, will give you a better quality weld finish without taking too much time and making too much noise, because they are not as hefty as angle grinders. The best part about them is that there is a wide variety of these welding tools with different diameters that can be used for the same purpose but will give you a different end result.

welding (3)

Welding cart & workbench

Changing your welding spot frequently is a good enough reason for you to get a welding cart, so you don’t have to carry all of your pieces of equipment one by one. You should look for a cart that can hold your welder bottle, supplies and of course the welder itself. A tidy and sturdy workbench (welding table) is essential to your workspace because it will allow you to work freely and you can even customize it.


When it comes to the much needed protective gear for welding, helmets are a must-have piece of equipment. To make things easier for yourself, get an auto darkening helmet, so you don’t have to put it on off all the time. The helmet will dim the front panel automatically when its sensors detect a bright light.

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Protecting your hands is also important, but when choosing gloves, look for more features than just that. Look for a quality pair of welding gloves made of leather which will also protect your hands from heat and UV rays up to your forearm.


Protective clothing is a must when working near high voltages and especially high temperatures. In case a spark lands on your clothing, it can easily start a fire, so make sure to wear a jacket that will prevent that from happening.  Look for jackets that are fire retardant or fire resistant, as they are mostly made from leather, sateen, denim, kevlar, carbon fibre and chemically treated cotton. However, pay attention to the weight of the jacket as well and make sure it is not too heavy and that you can freely move when working.

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