A Simple Guide to Cycling Baggage – What Are Pannier Bags?

Before the invention of the bicycle in the early 1800s, horses were the “bikes” of the past and the saddle bag that they carried was what inspired the making of the pannier bag in the first place. If a rucksack or a courier bag is not a good fit for your bike, then pannier bags are going to be your new favourite accessory. They won’t make your back all sweaty, are comfortable to wear and have a larger capacity. But before you get one, you should consider a few things that will help you determine the type of bag you need over the type of bag you want. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.


The are multiple factors to pay attention to when buying a new pannier bag, like the material, what are you going to store in it and how much stuff will you carry in your pannier bikes bag. Tarpaulin is the best choice of waterproof material, and while a lightweight bag is the best choice if you are going touring, the same can’t be said if you are a daily commuter as you’ll need to pack more stuff. Size is also important because you don’t want to end up getting too big of a bag just to carry your favourite book and a pair of gloves in it.



You can carry pannier bikes bags in two ways – in the front and at the back of your bike. The back is the more popular choice because you will practically use that space and it won’t get in the way of steering. The back, however, cannot support bigger bags because of the lack of space available – it is usually best used for smaller bags or baskets. While there are bags that can go on the side of either the front or the back of the bike, most bike riders prefer to stick to either the back or front only pannier bags until they feel they need to add side pannier bags for extra space.


Usually, a standard rack will get the job done as they only serve as a place for your bag. But you should pay attention to two main features – sturdiness and compact mounting points. And while the majority of racks will fit most bikes, there are a handful of exceptions that you should avoid. Most racks will have an open frame top which makes them lighter and some of them even double as mudguards while maintaining their primary purpose. But you shouldn’t go fancy with racks – just get the one that doesn’t bend easily and you’ll be good to go.



Well-known pannier bag brands like Venzo, Ortlieb, T-One, and Upso (which is a sub-brand of Carradice) are all great choices. All four of these provide quality materials, simple but modern designs and are cost-effective. Brands like Brooks, Tailfin, and Thule are worth mentioning because they also have a solid line of products that are affordable and below them are the”universal” bags that provide no weather protection whatsoever.


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