Small Space Clever Little Hacks: Advantages in Using TV Wall Mounts

If you live in a tiny apartment and are an avid console gamer, you might not have as much space as you want for your entertainment unit. You’ve rearranged your TV, consoles and your seating around it many times, but you always end up having too little space for other things and having to unplug the console and tuck it away.

However, one option you might not have considered is to mount it all on the wall. Having your entire gaming setup on a TV wall mount Melbourne residents oftentimes don’t think about, yet is one of the better solutions when your apartment isn’t spacious. Moreover, if the task seems daunting, you can always ask a TV wall mount Melbourne professional to come and assist you.

Tv Wall Mount Melbourne

TV wall mounts come with all the necessary hardware you’ll need to install the mount, including drywall anchors and bolts. However, some types of walls, such as masonry or plaster will require some stronger hardware that usually doesn’t come with the wall mount box. If that’s the case, then you should definitely have a professional installer check it out and do it for you. The same applies for the console. You can mount it on the wall, and use cable clips to connect it to your TV. That way, you ensure your entertainment room or living room is tidy, the floor is cable-free and there’s plenty of space for other things.

But there are a few things to consider when buying a TV wall mount, such as the size, weight and flexibility. These considerations will help you get the right mount that will accommodate the size and weight of your TV. You can check these things on the wall mount specifications you’re looking at. Different mount brands have different weight thresholds, even though they’re meant for the same size TV.

The flexibility is also something you should highly consider, especially if you want to watch TV from another room, in which case you’ll probably need a pivoting mount. A pivoting wall mount allows you change the direction your TV is facing. Moreover, if the TV is not at eye-level, you might want to consider getting a mount that can tilt down. That way, you get better picture quality and less eye-strain.

Simply put, a TV wall mount can increase your gaming and viewing experience, and it’s a relatively affordable investment that makes your entertainment unit more versatile and more appealing. All you have to do now is call your friends, sit back, relax, and enjoy your favourite games and TV shows!


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