Travel CPAP Machines: Sleep Tight Wherever You Are

Having sleep apnea means that you will need to use a certain therapy each night that will help you sleep without your breathing being interrupted. Most people who use a CPAP machine are having a pleasant night’s sleep. But what happens when you have to travel and you simply can’t take the entire device with you. Not all travels are done with your vehicle; sometimes you will have to fly with a plane or go hiking or camping, which means you will have the challenge to sleep properly without snoring and losing your breath.

Do You Need a Travel CPAP Machine?

Travel cpap machine

Sleep apnea is a serious problem and a real concern for many people who use sleep apnea therapy. No matter how far you’re travelling, your first thought is whether you will need your CPAP machine and more important if it’s portable so you can take it with you. In such situations, it helps sleep apnea sufferers to bring along a travel CPAP device.

Travel CPAP machines are excellent for people with sleep apnea who need to travel and aren’t able to take their home CPAP machine with them. They are specially designed to keep you safe and comfortable even when you travel. Compared to the standard CPAP machine, this is a lightweight, completely portable, much smaller device that will allow you to sleep well even when you’re far from home. The good thing is that you can carry these machines anywhere since they use batteries and are safe for air travel. Here are some important things you need to know when purchasing your first portable CPAP.

Travel CPAP Sizes

The size is the first thing to consider when buying your travel CPAP device. You will probably be asking yourself how big this machine should be so it can fit in your suitcase. When purchasing a CPAP machine designed for travel purposes, you’ll realise there are several sizes available and each size will make a difference.

Overall, most machines are very small, practically as small as a smartphone. The smallest one is about 14x 8 cm and weighs only 300 grams. You can also find some bigger ones that measure 40cm x 6 cm and weigh about 1.5kg (including the batteries). The size should fit not only your needs but also the size of the suitcase you’re travelling with. Some people travel light, so they will have to pack their CPAP machine in their backpack or handbag.

Batteries and Recharging Considerations

travel cpap batteries

All travel models include batteries for more convenience. This way, you can use your CPAP device even if you’re camping and have no power outlet available to you. The batteries usually are sold separately, so even if you forget them at home, you can buy new ones at the place where you travel.

The battery life of the portable CPAP machines usually lasts depending on the pressure that was delivered and the potential use of accessory components such as a heated humidifier. The batteries for most models may be expected to last one to two nights with standard use. Usually, these batteries are lithium-ion and are rechargeable. However, the device won’t work until a power source can be accessed, so this may make the machine useless if you’re going camping or hiking where you have to stay for a few nights. In this case, it’s better to bring a spare set of batteries.

What Are the Setting Options?

Every CPAP machine model usually has an AutoCPAP option that has default pressure settings. These settings can go from 4 cm to 20 cm of water pressure. The settings should be prescribed and refined by your doctor so they can meet your therapy.

The Benefits of Using a Travel CPAP Machine

traveling cpap

Using this machine will, first of all, help you sleep as normally as you do at home. The travel CPAP machine is quiet and won’t disrupt the sleep of other people around you no matter if you’re in a hotel room or a tent. The fact that the device is small and slim allows it to pack easily and be carried in various bags and suitcases without adding weight. Also, it’s excellent since it allows the person to move easily when they sleep and it alters the flow dynamics. The small tubes will increase airspeed and affect the pressure.

You can easily choose from various models. Besides the standard tubing connectors, it’s possible to use any mask of your choice.
Some models also allow you to review settings and usage data. The visual display on some models will reduce the need to use your smartphone app and allows you to easily make changes. Travel devices are instantly responsive to touch. 

The fact that these travel machines work with batteries allows you to take them anywhere. You can even safely use the device when you’re having a long flight (which means you can sleep comfortably with your machine on).

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