The GoPro Accessories Every Aviator Needs

When it comes to the gadgets of today, the ideas for a good number of them seem to be linked with Australia. This is the case with one of the most synonymous devices when it comes to filming adventurous POV sporting activities. The GoPro is the ultimate action camera which started as a project of Nick Woodman back in 2002. The first GoPro camera was made in 2004 and the popularity of the GoPro Hero started to rise when its inventor started placing it on different items.

Mounts were a big deal for GoPro, as over the years they made the device applicable almost everywhere. While other sports cameras were being made during the golden era of the GoPro, none of them could beat its extensive range of accessories. This is still the case today, with there being more accessories than ever even when it comes to aviation.

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What GoPro Accessories Do I Need


The most iconic accessory of the GoPro is now available in different sizes, colours and even with different attachments to it. While there are plenty of other accessories for GoPro they aren’t as versatile as a GoPro aviation mount. While aviation GoPro camera accessories aren’t only made for this specific purpose they are versatile enough to enable you to put your device in your cockpit or maybe at the top of your aircraft. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous that is. If you want to record your flights from a different perspective then a mount is a must.

SD Card

An SD card will allow you to save any recording and then transfer it onto your PC or laptop for further editing, or in case you want to put it online for others to see. Just make sure to get one with enough memory in it, a 32 or a 64 GB SD card should suffice.


No, this is not a cage for upset passengers to stay put but rather a cage to protect your GoPro from impacts and flying objects. A cage is like a phone case – it encapsulates the device without obstructing the camera lens or the screen of your GoPro. When buying one, ensure that you get a cage that is compatible with your GoPro model.


If you’re really into making a high-quality video with minimal lens distortion then a tripod is what you should get. Tripods are Go Pro accessories made to keep your device steady in one place while allowing you to easily change the shooting angle. Unlike a mount, a tripod doesn’t need to be fixed to a surface in order to stay there. It has legs that keep it still.

Chest Mount

If you want your viewers to see what you see or at least get a point-of-view close to yours then a chest mount is a must. Chest mounts are basically a strap that goes around your chest with empty space for the GoPro to go into. A first-person point-of-view gives an interesting insight into a pilot’s trip and how they navigate their aircraft when in the cockpit.

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if you’re extremely serious about the production of your videos then a mic is a welcomed addition. Unlike most accessories for GoPro that just upgrade on the initial features of the device, a mic not only upgrades the audio quality but it gives you flexibility in that department. With a dedicated mic, you can edit the audio afterwards and make it sound crisp, and give it studio-like quality if you learn a thing or two about audio editing software.

Carrying Case

For all these accessories you need something to carry them in, and what better option is there than to get a case? This is where you want to get a case with a foam bit inside that has the shape of each accessory cut out so that the item fits nicely. You won’t have to worry about losing something or getting it damaged.


Sometimes you want to record long trips and you might think that an SD card with a small amount of storage might get in your way. Well, that isn’t the only bad news here, as the battery of your GoPro can give up on you before the recording takes up all the space on your SD card. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, get yourself a powerful power bank that can supply your GoPro with juice for hours. A power bank in the range between 7,000 and 15,000 mAh is going to do the trick. The more mAh a power bank has the longer your GoPro will be able to record.


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