Spelunking: The Hobby Worth a Try for All Adventure Seekers

If there’s something we all need more of in life, it’s got to be adventures. Nowadays, since most of us are prone to leading sedentary lifestyles (be it at home or at work), this brings about a certain monotony in the day to day life that slowly but surely results in laziness. This world has plenty of breathtaking sites to be explored so there’s really no time to waste. If you’re wondering what your next hobby should be, give spelunking a chance – you’d be amazed by how it would easily turn into a passion of yours.Buy Head Torch Online

Exploration is in our genes, and what better way to satisfy this innate urge for unearthing more of our planet’s beauty and secrets than by getting to know more of the residing places of our forefathers and ancient relatives. Australia certainly isn’t short on caves so you’ve got plenty of options to choose from, but before you take out the map and set out in search of adventures, there are certain preparations you have to go through.

First things first, you have to know your limits and set them. Since not all caves were created equal, some are narrow, with steeps and slopes, while others don’t require much of physical stamina to get a proper tour inside. If you think you might get claustrophobic, make sure you choose smaller caves easy to access. Next, equipment. There’s no spelunking adventure without the proper light source to rely on and getting the adequate one wouldn’t be much of a problem. You can choose and buy head torch online, the choices are vast, with all the specifications updated to latest technology: from more output modes to convertible and rechargeable headlamp products.

When you buy head torch online of high quality, among all the properties, you can expect to get durability, resistance to falling impact, dirt and dust protection enabling work even at depth of 10 metres, adjustable and comfortable headstrap, and warning indicators to show low battery and high temperature. Brightness isn’t all there is to them, since the more modes there are the better, but be sure to choose more of it and pay attention to battery life. Since fun can easily turn into disaster when your battery drops dead, it wouldn’t hurt carrying another hear torch with you, including a flashlight – the “just in case” philosophy goes so well in these situations.

The helmet is another must because head protection is of utmost importance, and if you want to be able to conquer all the cave terrains sturdy shoes are the answer; who knows, maybe you’d get to do a lot of climbing and descending. In the case of climbing and descending, you’re going to need ascenders, harnesses, ropes and carabiners so make sure you know all about the type of cave you’re entering prior to doing so. A word of advice, because sometimes accidents can happen and you might end up getting lost, don’t leave anywhere without a compass.

Along with light clothing (considering most caves are warm), it’s good to carry knee and elbow pads as well as gloves, and of course, the proper snacks and drinks to keep you energised – protein bars and water. Remember though, just because you’d carry a backpack doesn’t mean you can carry loads of weight. And, most importantly, don’t go alone. Make sure you join up a group of enthusiasts like you, and have someone outside the cave know of your plans, and when you intend to get back. Thinking of the unique stalactites and stalagmites you’d come across, don’t forget the camera. You’ve got plenty of pictures to take and create memories that last.


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