Fabric Vertical Blinds: The Ideal Window Treatment for Casual Homes

Modern Vertical BlindsInfusing a home with peacefulness and lightheartedness is not an easy task. One must be extremely careful not to over-furnish the rooms, to select items of furniture that are both comfortable and simple (simplicity is tranquility’s best friend), and of course to pick the right window treatments.

When it comes to choosing window coverings for a casual residence, many professional interior designers say that fabric vertical blinds are most likely the perfect option. Despite what some people might think, modern vertical blinds made from fabric are not used only for sliding patio doors and large windows. This type of vertical blinds is suited to practically any casual decorating style, including country cottage.

One of the strongest reasons to opt for fabric vertical blinds is their design. Their minimalist design and clean lines render them elegant and stylish. If you are looking for window treatments that can complement your relaxing living room or bedroom beautifully without stealing all the show, then modern vertical blinds made from fabric should be on top of your list.

Fabric vertical blinds come in a wide array of tasteful hues. Many blind manufacturers and retailers offer their customers the amazing opportunity to select one out of twenty or more chic and neutral fabric colors (cream, almond, latte, cloud, and ash are only some of the many great options for creating a light, clean atmosphere). This is how you can find the perfect match for your casual lounge room, dining room, and bedroom.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, fabric vertical blinds are also highly functional. With their help, privacy, shade, and insulation can be easily achieved. Most modern vertical blinds are controlled with the aid of wand controls which enable you to rotate vanes up to 180° when closed. You can tilt the vanes open and closed to allow as much light and view as you wish.

Fabric vertical blinds are relatively easy to clean. They should be regularly dusted/vacuumed. Surface dust can be removed from the fabric with the help of a duster or soft cloth or by using the dusting brush nozzel of the vacuum cleaner. Experts say that strong detergents and solvents should be avoided because they can damage the coating of the fabric. Fabric vertical blinds shouldn’t become fully wet and the fabric should be completely dry before rolled back.

If you need one more reason to give fabric vertical blinds a chance, you will be glad to learn that they are usually offered at affordable prices.

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