Red Wines in Australia Available Online

The colour of the red wine comes from the colour of the grape varietal that is used in the production. The colour can vary from deep purple, reddish, and even blue. The skin of grapes is affected by grape juice during fermentation, allowing the dispersion of tannins and colour. Due to this there are around 50 red wine varietals that can be found on the wine market classified in different categories.

Red wines in Australia are classified by their ‘body type’. A light bodied red wine has lower tannins, a medium bodied contains more tannins, and the full bodied wine has the highest level of tannin content. Here are some of the most popular red wines in Australia which are also available online.

Red Wines in Australia

Archer Heathcote Shiraz 2011 – This beautiful Shiraz is approachable, complex and well-balanced. The wine is fermented in open, small pots. For more complexity, few red varietals are mixed together. The taste of the Heathcote Shiraz includes notes of red currant and cherry, sandy tannins, savoury spice and a curl of dried herbs.

Ashton Hills Estate Pinot Noir 2011 – This is one of the most popular red wines in Australia. On the palate, the Ashton Hills Estate Pinot Noir delivers flavours of cherry, strawberry, cola, rhubarb, all combined with oak and derived spice. With slightly higher tannins and acid, this amazing red wine comes with silky texture. The perfect balance of tannin, wood, acid and fruit makes this wine ideal with any kind of food including red meat.

Balnaves Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 – The deep color Balnaves Cabernet Sauvignon is full of different aromas of liquorice, cassis, and blue berry/elderberry notes. The palate is elegant and fine with ripe fruit and fine tannin finish. The Balnaves Cabernet Sauvignon should be decanted for 5-10 minutes before consumed.

Bermerton Selkirk Shiraz 2010 – Controlled yields and proper vineyard management ensure premium grape production for this Shiraz wine. It has deep colour and offers distinctive varietal characters, enriched by spicy oak nuances. On the palate it provides spiced and full bodied berry flavours. After fermentation, this red wine is kept for 18 months in carefully picked oak barrels which enhance the flavour complexities and the palate structure while keeping the fruit characters. You can find this red wines in Australia online for a price no more than $20 per bottle.

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