Reception Design Ideas to Make Your Business Stand Out

For some people, zooming in on the reception area would not make the top 5 things on the priority list when starting a business, however, as those with years of experience in the game will tell you – everything that goes into making that first impression is of utmost importance. And when I say zoom in on, I mean considering as many details as possible and taking advantage of all novelties that makes for a less crowded area that stands out from the typical, been there, seen that designs. Here are some suggestions for making your reception ready for those first impressions.

A Wave from Behind a Waved Desk

Waved Desk

A little bit of playfulness in the form of a wave can do no harm when it comes to your reception area. Quite the contrary, it can give it a modern and unique character and help wave the tedious away. This type of desk also gives manufacturers the opportunity to play with lines as to break any possible monotony. If you’re looking for a reception counter that is nothing but boring, yet nothing completely over the line and crazy, this is your go-to design!

Curves, Wood, Metal and Glass Equal Sass

Curved Wooden Desk

If you don’t want to stray away from the comfort large reception desk provide and you consider the latest updates the minimalist design has brought unsuitable to a certain extend, you can have best of both worlds with this type of reception counter. The bulky wooden structure will help employees retain privacy while making sure it all appear warm and inviting, the curvy design will help it stand out and fit better the area whereas the metal or in certain cases glass details will make sure it is not a stranger to some of that modern vibe. This design is also more suitable if you’re planing to have more than one person behind the desk and want to keep the area as spacious as possible.

In the Mood for Modular

Modular Desk

What I’ve listed above doesn’t float your boat at all? You can’t remain oblivious to the most minimal and latest modern call? Well, a modular reception counter could be exactly what you need as this is the ultimate way to get things exactly as you want them to be. Every detail, every small necessity that might make the counter more efficient can be uniquely configured to meet your every need.

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