Plantation Shutters: Style and Functionality All in One

Generally, the main purpose of shutters is to provide protection from the elements and privacy. Well, plantation shutters do help with both of these, and offer a bit more too. What follows is a more detailed description of how installing plantation shutters can benefit your home.


Plantation Shutters for Light Control

Plantation shutters come with adjustable louvre blades that make light control an easy task. The blades can be angled up or down in order to let more light enter the room, or shut down completely. When you close the shutters, they block out light just like regular curtains do. Moreover, you can keep your furniture, carpets and flooring away from damaging sunlight by focusing the light away from it, and still have a ray of light in the room. By keeping sunlight away from your interior possessions you extend their life and their look.

Plantation Shutters for Ventilation

When the blades of plantation shutters are open they allow air to properly and easily circulate around your home, thus allowing for the much-needed ventilation. Although this is all possible with blinds too, open windows can make them rattle too much due to the air flow. Solid plantation shutters, on the other hand, don’t have this particular problem.

Plantation Shutters for Privacy and Security

We all want to keep prying eyes away from our home. In light of that, with plantation shutters, you have the possibility to lower the blades to allow privacy while still letting a bit of light in. Or, if you want, you can close them completely so no one can take a peek inside. Furthermore, when you are away from home, you can adjust the blinds to allow a bit of light in and out so that it gives out the impression that someone is home. As an added security detail, you can fit a catch or lock on the inside of the plantation shutters.

Plantation Shutters for a Touch of Elegance

This type of shutters can be found in various styles, including coverage for the whole window, half window coverings, solid panels that open like a closet, or bi-fold shutters that let you decide just how wide you want them to be opened. Plus, you can choose the material too. The most commonly used ones are PVS and basswood timber. The choice depends on your budget and your personal taste, of course.

Granted, these can be an investment, but one that adds style and value to your home. Matching outside shutters can create a consistent look for your home, and when installed on the inside they can make the room seem much more spacious than it really is, and improve the overall look of the interior design.

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