Pet Repeller: Keep Aggressive Dogs at Bay in a Humane Way

We all can agree that dogs are the cutest pets, right? Especially your Fluffy. But if Fluffy is cuddly and well-behaved, it doesn’t mean that all dogs are like that. Just like people, different dogs can have different personalities, and some of them can be quite vicious, especially when threatened or frightened.

pet reppeler2

The usual reaction of a dog feeling threatened is growling or barking, but a small percentage of them can also attack. Although dog attacks aren’t that common here in Australia, a dog bite can be really dangerous as it can cause a number of infectious diseases in addition to injuries. Most of these attacks don’t involve pets attacking their owners, but dogs attacking bystanders they don’t know. Unfortunately, it’s hard to gain the trust or change the behaviour of a dog that considers you a stranger. So, how can you prevent a dog from trying to attack you?

One of the most efficient and humane ways to defend yourself against an unfriendly dog is to use an ultrasonic pet repeller. This device produces a high-frequency sound that can be heard by dogs and cats, but not by humans. Since the sound is very unpleasant, it can drive the animal away without you having to resort to crueller measures such as hitting or kicking the dog. The pet repeller can generate a sound frequency of up to 125 decibels which is just enough to annoy a dog but not cause any damage to its hearing.

Dog barking device1

In order to use the repeller, you need to point it directly at the dog and push down the button. Releasing the button will stop the device from producing the sound. Usually, the pet repeller comes with an LED light which can begin to dim over time, indicating that you need to replace the batteries. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around anywhere you go like for instance when jogging, walking in the park or walking around an area with stray dogs.

Dog barking device15

But besides keeping aggressive dogs at bay, a pet repeller can also be used as a training device for your own doggy and establishing routines and good behaviour. For instance, if you have a dog that tends to bark a lot at night and annoy your neighbours, by using this device you can break its annoying habit. Or you can use the device to teach your dog how to sit still. However, it’s best to take advice from a professional dog trainer on how to properly use a repeller.

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