It’s All in the Details: Choosing the Perfect Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets

When planning a kitchen, the focus is probably on the big stuff. While the countertops, floors and appliances are undoubtedly important, don’t overlook the small stuff either. Every experienced interior designer will tell you that the tiny details, like the cabinet hardware, can make or break your design.

Hardware can make a big difference in how your kitchen looks and feels. That is why interior designers often suggest replacing hardware as a quick and affordable way to make a rental kitchen look better or when you can’t rebuild. So do not forget about these details when you are planning a new kitchen or a redesign. To help you choose the right cabinet hardware for your kitchen, here are some tips.

Consider Your Style

kitchen hardware with satin chrome cabinet knobs

The style of your kitchen and the type of cabinets you have selected will have a big impact on the type of cabinet hardware you choose. Cabinets with more complex fronts that have a traditional look need traditional hardware. Cup pulls look great with Shaker-style cabinets, especially in a kitchen with a country feel. On the other hand, minimalist or flat doors look best with knobs and pulls that are simple and clea

Some very modern cabinets do not need any hardware at all. Instead, the doors have grooves on the sides or push latches that let you open them. It is possible to get a very classy and modern look with recessed hardware, but it can be a bit pricey. You can put thin, modern finger pull hardware on top of a drawer or the edge of a cabinet. This looks good with flat-front cabinets in a modern kitchen.

Match Your Metals

Satin Chrome cabinet Knobs

For the space to look harmonious, you need to make sure that all the finishes complement each other. Matching your hardware with other metal elements is a great way to ensure the continuity of your design. That said, what colour appliances do you have? What about your lighting fixtures? What is your sink made of? Consider these factors when buying hardware.

Plenty of kitchens feature brass handles and black appliances, so it is clear that matching hardware to the appliances isn’t necessarily a priority for everyone. If you are a stickler for uniformity, though, you should think about the kitchen as a whole when you choose the hardware colour. For instance, a set of satin chrome cabinet knobs will create a balanced and uncluttered look if you have stainless steel appliances.

The finish you choose can also vary, as it can be in a satin, matte, polished or brushed variant.Make sure the finish you chose for your hardware also complements the finish of your hinges. For instance, you should pick satin chrome cabinet knobs or pulls if the hinges are the same.

Pay Attention to Installation

green kitchen

Finding the right placement for your hardware is the next important step once you have selected a style you adore in a colour and finish that complements your kitchen.


It’s very simple to hang knobs on a flat-front cabinet. Just place them in the door’s top corner for lower cabinets or the bottom corner for upper cabinets. It’s recommended to space the knobs evenly apart on both sides of the cabinet.

When hanging knobs on cabinets with stiles, such as Shaker-style cabinets, use the stile as a reference point. Should the knob be too big to fit snugly in the corner where the two stiles converge, hang it centered on the vertical stile so that the top of the intersecting horizontal stile and the bottom edge of the knob line up.


The bottom corner of a pull on a flat front cabinet should be equally spaced from the cabinet’s two sides. The same guidelines that apply to knobs also apply to Shaker-style cabinets: center the pull on the vertical stile, with the pull’s bottom aligned with the top of the horizontal stile (or, in the case of a lower cabinet, aligning the top with the bottom of the horizontal stile).

These are only suggestions; you may want to modify them based on what complements your hardware and cabinets the most. Still, they are a nice place to start.

Drawer Hardware

The hardware for drawers can be installed in several ways. Drawer pulls, knobs, and cup pulls are often positioned in the center of the drawer’s face. You might decide to hang them closer to the top of the face in a more contemporary kitchen. You can hang pulls or knobs on Shaker-style drawers in the middle of the drawer or on the top stile.

So, which style should you choose? Whatever is most appealing to you in your kitchen. Just be sure you use the same technique with each drawer. Drawers longer than 60 cm could look better with two pulls or knobs.


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