A Warm, and Unique Interior Décor: The Key is in Texture

Decorating one’s interior is a rather complex process. While it’s good to follow a certain trend, it’s also advisable to make it more fun, customising it by adding some of your own personality, and the best way to do so is through texture.

Throw Rugs

No matter the interior style, there’s always room for texture: be it minimalist, modern, vintage, eclectic, or anything in between. This can easily be achieved with the addition of the versatile throw rugs that make it easy to welcome warmth, colour, and pattern in the interior. You can count on instant cosiness!

They can vary in textile, considering they can be made of cotton, acrylic, and even bamboo, and faux fur; the options of throw rugs are many. This is what further simplifies the texture incorporation, as they bring about warmth, contrast, colour, and pattern which makes them suitable for use on floors in the living room, bedroom, foyer, or drape over lounges (perfect if you have pets!), armchairs, and beds.

You can continue by mixing and matching more textiles, with the help of curtains, cushions, table cloths, and tapestries. However, a word of caution is not to go overboard, and instead of complementing the interior décor, in a harmonious result, you get a visual clutter. Remember, the point is to add a nice touch to bind the look together, creating something beautiful to look at.

Texture isn’t just about textiles, and plants prove it. The incorporation of plants in the abode is more than welcome, considering apart from greenery, and air purification, they are known to improve one’s mood too.

There is a wide range of plants, mesmerising with their leaves, flowers, fragrances, and tones, and having in mind there are more ways to decorate the interior with, not just leaving them on floors, but hanging them on walls as well, in different pots, and planters, designing your own vertical garden, so there’s fun guaranteed.

Though architectural elements, like the ceiling mouldings, and furniture pieces of hardwood with specific tones, can also do the trick, they can be costly, and instead you could resort to other more affordable, and inspiring elements such as books: new books, antiques, a mixture of smells, different shades of paper, and intricate décor of covers – even if you’re not a bookworm, you’d agree they make great decoration pieces.

Once you implement these ideas, you can be sure you’d get a lovely outcome that you’d not expect to get tired of.

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