Hearing Test: Identify Any Problems as Soon as Possible

Hearing loss is a serious problem that affects both the physical and emotional health. Most people don’t even notice the first signs because this condition occurs gradually. However, any problems that you might be having with your hearing should certainly not pass unnoticed. Besides limiting your ability to communicate with other people, this condition also leads to depression and above all, it could be an indication of other serious health issues as well.

Hearing Test Melbourne

Both adults and children can be affected and this certainly can have a negative impact on the quality of life. The signs vary from one person to another, but one of the biggest signs of having a hearing loss is speaking louder than you normally do. This is often followed by having difficulty to understand words and asking people to repeat themselves frequently. Although old age is often considered as the primary cause for hearing loss, the reality is that there are many reasons behind this. For that reason hearing tests are the best way to prevent serious damage and identify any problems as soon as possible. There are many audiology clinics Australia wide, especially in the area of Melbourne where you can find a reputable one to take the test.

There is a variety of solutions that hearing test Melbourne clinics provide. First a simple examination of the ears is conducted so that your audiologist can afterwards determine which test is the best for you. There are various tests that can be used to evaluate your hearing ability.

  • A pure tone audiometry testing is performed to check how severe is the hearing loss – this test measures the response to various volumes and frequencies of sounds.
  • The automated otoacoustic emissions test (AOAE) is conducted to determine the ears’ general response to noise.
  • The auditory brainstem response audiometry is usually used to test how the nerves react to sounds.

All these screenings are painless and hearing test Melbourne centres provide special tests and treatments for both children and adults. Taking a hearing test is the first step to improve your health and it is advised that you should have your hearing checked regularly. This step is especially important for babies and children as although hearing loss is a problem by itself, it can also lead to speech problems and can considerably decrease their ability to learn and understand language. Regular screening is important for adults as well especially for people who are frequently exposed to loud sounds and noises.

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