Some Fun Bike Accessories That You Might not Have Considered

There are dozens, if not hundreds of lists of “required biking gear”, or “essential bike upgrades”, that you can find online that name items you already have or those that you don’t even need – I should know, I’ve written a few of them myself. But the following isn’t a list of items that most people recommend or that most people find necessary, but rather a few things that I have found have changed my personal biking experience for the better and might just do the same for yours.

The motorcycle clip ons handlebars are probably the most fun you are allowed to legally have on your bike. The motorcycle clip ons handle bars work by clamping the two given handles directly to the steering fork itself. They are extremely popular because they let you drive in a low race-style riding position. There is actually a very simple method for installing them quickly and easily, however if you aren’t sure you can do it right, it is advised that you take it to a professional. Though it doesn’t really require saying, impeding your steering ability even slightly can be dangerous, so under no circumstance while setting them up should you think “that’s good enough probably”.

motorcycle driver

OK, so I’ll be first to admit that saddlebags or trunk boxes aren’t exactly the first thing that people think of when they say they want to have fun on their bike, but just think of the possibilities. Not only do these items allow you to take a few extra items with you where as before you were limited to whatever you could fit in a backpack, but they also give the bike a whole different look and feel.

And finally, the most criminally overlooked motorcycle accessory of them all would have to be something that arguably isn’t even an accessory, namely the paint-job (no, I’m not kidding). When it comes to the motorcycles’ appearance, people buy covers so that it doesn’t get dirty and alarm systems so that nobody so much as breathes on it let alone steal it, yet they do not think to give it a bit of flare so that people won’t be able to resist trying to steal it even with an alarm. Joking aside, giving your bike a little personal touch isn’t just fun, but can also make you want to put in more work and take care of it better. It can genuinely make you enjoy riding it more as the new visual improvements let you recall some fond memories of when you were maybe driving your bike as a child with a card in the spokes to make it sound like an engine.

As I said before, this is only my opinion on a few of my favourite bike add-ons and why I like them, however if any of what I have said has resonated with you, I encourage you to try it for yourself.

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