Fishing: Beating the Odds of Going Home Empty Handed

When it comes to fishing, sitting on a small chair and staring at a single dot on the calm water surface isn’t the only frustrating thing for people who can’t really sit still in one place for long and just meditate. If you’re one of them, think about this irony for a moment: you sit in one spot for hours, don’t blink, don’t talk and literally do nothing but count the thoughts that pass your mind, and when it’s time to go home, you leave not just anxiously eager to release that piled energy in you, but also empty-handed?! Hell no.

Fish Attractants

However, you’re probably not that person, so this rather improbable scenario wouldn’t happen to you because you so love fishing. It’s an activity you do to calm your nerves, to relax you from the everyday stress and to train your concentration and patience – a very ‘elegant’ perception of fishing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you like going home empty-handed. Just like any other fisherman you’d see on the shore, you also want to brag about your catch when you get home. No worries about the “bragging” part, you’re a man and that’s totally understandable.

And when it comes to the “catching something” part, you’ll need to put a bit more effort and develop a good strategy. At first, you should examine the place where you’re casting: if there aren’t other fishermen around you, is that a good sign? Are there more fish because it’s calmer, or less fish because all the food is somewhere else? Food for thought.

The next thing you need to determine is what kind of lures you are going to use to attract fish. This one can be rather tricky. I’ve noticed that choosing the right lure is always debatable. Worms are fine, even pieces of bread seem to be fine, but according to the number of fish caught, it seems like fish are outsmarting us. So, while looking for something that would do the trick, I came across this type of fish attractants that’s literally doing the magic.

These fish attractants are actually a fish-feeding stimulant that makes fish bite like crazy. The substance is a kind of ultraviolet enhanced gel that combines attack and feeding triggers designed specifically for Australian fish. So basically, you take a suitable jig head and add just a little of the gel on it. The result: an irresistible type of lure that guarantees you’re not going home empty-handed.

So, how does fishing sound now? I know the hooked-ones are happy to hear that there’s an easy way to get all the fish they want, but I bet the deep-down hidden fisherman in those of you who were kind of sceptical about it, just woke up. Just go ahead, try it and have some fun!


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