Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Bike Rack

An electric bike is excellent for commuting around town. But these bikes are also great if you want to take them with you when travelling, going camping or on a road trip. No matter if you have a typical e-bike, a fat tire model or a folding e-bike, you will have to find a way to transport it, even if you travel with you your vehicle.

That said, you’d need to look into the range of electric bike racks in order to find a solution for safe transport. And I must stress out that your old bike rack simply won’t do. After all, an electric bike is entirely different from a regular bicycle. E-bikes are heavier, larger and have thicker tires than regular bikes. So, this is why a specialised electric bike rack for car is a must. This rack will have to be sturdy enough to endure all the weight while travelling to a long-distance destination.

In order to purchase the right rack, you will have to consider several factors such as the bike’s weight, how often and how far you’ll travel, but also the number of bikes you want to carry. The following details should be checked carefully before you do your final decision.

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The Weight of Your E-Bike

Before you get your rack, make sure to check the weight of your e-bike. They usually weigh about 6 kg or more than a regular bike. The weight comes from the added battery pack and motor. The battery itself weighs about 3 kg.

Each e-bike model and brand is different so make sure to know the exact weight. Many e-bikes come with a removable battery, so if you remove it it will be far lighter. This is a practical thing when you want to lift the bike and can benefit the total weight.

Regular bike carriers are designed for bikes that weigh about 22kg per bike. Electric bikes are far heavier so it’s a good idea to get a bike carrier that has been specially designed to carry electric bikes, and that can carry 30 kg per bike.

Bike Tyre Construction

When purchasing an electric bike rack, you should also keep in mind the bike tyre weight. Road bikes use slim tyres and will easily mount to almost all car racks. But, e-bikes have wider and heavier tyres, therefore they will add weight to the entire bike and will be more difficult to secure in place. Keep in mind that more than one bike on the e bike rack could be a mission impossible, not only because of their weight but because of the tyre size as well.

The Max Nose Weight of Your Car

The maximum nose weight of the towbar that is mounted on your car will determine how much weight you can safely load onto it. This means that you have to determine if carrying your e-bike is actually possible. To do so, read the max nose weight which is listed on the plate next to the socket of the towbar. If you can’t find it there, seek it in the car’s papers or ask for this info from the brand dealership.

The max nose weight varies per car but it usually ranges between 45kg (for smaller cars) and 75kg for larger ones. The nose weight that goes over the maximum limit because of excess weight will result in undue taxation of the car’s suspension and towbar mount. It may negatively influence the driving capabilities and power of steering.

If you want to mount a bike carrier with E-bikes on your towbar, you will have to know the exact weight of your electric bikes plus the weight of your bike carrier.

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How Many Bikes Will You Carry?

It may not be possible to carry several bikes on the towbar of a smaller vehicle (then you can get a bike carrier on the roof of your vehicle). If you go with a roof rack you can only carry one bike, but you can place two or three racks on your roof (depending on how big is the size of your car). Boot racks allow three bikes top, but this number can increase to four in rare exceptions (be sure to check the total weight capacity of the rack).
Towbar racks can also fit up to four bikes since the weight isn’t a problem with these racks.

How Far Will You Travel?

If you’ll use the rack often, you should be sure that you can easily use it. A roof rack is the best choice if you want to secure your bikes out of the way and you won’t have to worry about reverse parking (this will be the case if you place boot or towbar racks). Boot racks and towbars on the other hand will keep your bikes out of the wind and will allow you better aerodynamics. The final choice, in the end, is up to you and your needs.

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