The Effects of Poppers and How to Use Them Right

Gay people are getting more and more acceptance all over the world, and it isn’t much different here in Australia. It is no longer a matter of: “Oh my God, nooo…for real?” anymore, but instead, it’s more like “Oh, good for you” – at least that’s my perspective on the issue. What this means is that gay people are allowed to do anything they want to here in Australia, except marry.

However, thanks to the wider acceptance of gay people, some of the amazing things that were kept in the dark in the gay world, are now getting more and more exposure, like poppers for example. A friend of mine texted me a couple of nights ago, saying he tried poppers for the first time, and as he described them “It was only a few seconds of wooziness”. Well, as someone who had tried them out before, I figured he was doing it wrong. So for the sake of entirely feeling its magic, in this article, I’ll be explaining how to properly use this sex drug so you don’t hurt or embarrass yourself in front of a lady or guy friend. Let’s get to it.

jungle juice

Poppers are inhalants that gay people love, which is something that you probably knew already. These small bottles have assorted alkyl nitrites, mostly isobutyl nitrite and isopropyl nitrite, but in the past when they were used strictly by gay people, they were mostly amyl nitrite. Anyhow, nobody really cares what’s in them, but everyone cares and loves what they do.

So what do they do? Well, let’s take jungle juice, for example, a popular brand. It can make you feel weird, dizzy and headrusy, something like a whippit can do, without the laughing part. They’ll make you feel warm all over your body, and if you’re using the drug in a sexual situation, then you’ll want all of your openings stuffed, or jam your man meat into someone else’s openings, to put it gently (no pun intended).

They’ll heighten your libido over the roof, if it already isn’t. Except the difference is, you’ll want to have sex right then and there, while the crazy is in you. They make great stimulants, they relax the muscles, which can be a great plus if you’re on the receiving end, they can relax the muscles around your anus, throat, vagina, allowing you to take a pounding. If your girl isn’t much into anal, suggest her she takes jungle juice, but I’ve found that clothes, jewelry and high heels work better. Once you’ve showered her with gifts, poppers can offer an extra hand.

The best thing about them is that there aren’t any scary side effects. Not if you’re healthy, at least. They’ll give you a bit of a hangover the following morning, or a headache at most. They dilate the blood vessels which might make your morning wood softer the next day, but as long as you act responsibly, there isn’t much to be afraid of.


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