Different Engagement Ring Cuts Available Online

Choosing the right engagement ring cut can be a daunting task, especially when you have so many different cuts to choose from. What makes the ring special is its cut. The cut determines the symmetry of the stone facets, the ability to reflect light, and overall proportions of the diamond. So take your time to go over various engagement ring cuts available online, and to choose the one you chosen one will cherish forever. Most popular diamond shapes these days are the round and the princess cut, but so are other diamond cuts.

Round Cut Engagement Ring

Counts as one of the most popular engagement ring cuts that has timeless beauty and elegance. Popular from 1920s onwards, this classic diamond shape has 57 facets that gives the ring maximum sparkle and exceptional brilliance. Girls go crazy about this spectacular diamond shape that is a dream come true. It costs more compared to other diamond shapes, because of the loss of the rough stone during the cutting process. This is the main reason why the cost of the carat is higher.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Depending on your fiancee’s taste and style, you will find various fancy diamond shapes available online that will satisfy your budget and give you the most for the money. Such is the princess cut. Those that want to go with a distinctive, yet sparkling look, princess diamond shape is ideal. This brilliant square stone embodies both traditional and contemporary styles.


Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

This rectangle diamond cut, with cropped corners and sleek lines appears bigger than other cuts with similar carat weight. An emerald diamond cut reflects mirror effects. Express your love in a unique way with this distinctive emerald diamond cut that will flatter your fiancee’s ring finger. Due to its unusual shape, this diamond cut appeals to women that look for something unique, stylish and sophisticated.

Asscher Cut Engagement Ring


For a stunning effect and a distinctive X shape, choose the asscher diamond cut that looks similar to the princess one, but produces more sparkle. This diamond cut has gain its popularity in the last few years, appealing to women who want an eye-catching, modern and unique diamond ring. Similar to the emerald cut, but square shaped and with larger step facets and higher crown. If you decide to go with the asscher cut engagement ring, look for a higher clarity grade diamond.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Popular in the 19th century, this hybrid of old antique cuts has lots of character and vintage charm that gives a more softer and romantic look. Cushion cut diamond allows different shapes and patterns that can be tailored to match your personal taste.


Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Even though similar to the classic round diamond, the oval cut is visually more interesting and stunning. With a unique silhouette and greater brilliance, the oval diamond shape gives you an iconic and more romantic appearance than all other diamond shapes. Due to the length of the shape, the cushion cut engagement ring features an opulent look.


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