The Most Common Types of Trolleys for Safe and Efficient Materials Handling

Being responsible for an active and full to the brim warehouse presents a large number of challenges. How can you ensure there’s always a fast working pace without overburdening your employees? And how can you protect your supplies from damage when stocking and moving them from one place to another? These and similar warehouse issues can all be solved effectively once you come up with a smart trolley system for materials handling.

Types of Trolleys

But there’s no clear definition of what makes a good trolley system. One business’ operations widely differ from every other business, and the same goes for the products and employees. That’s why you should put your warehouse’s needs first when choosing trolleys and other materials handling equipment. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of trolleys besides the general purpose hand trolley, so you can see how your business could potentially benefit from them.

Multiple Tier Trolleys

Two or three tier trolleys involve shelves which allow you to separate the different types of items and transport them all together while avoiding confusion. Warehouses that need to stock different loads simultaneously will find these incredibly useful.

Panel Cart Trolleys

If your warehouse stocks bulky goods like timber sheets, plaster boards, mattresses or everything else that does not fit in a normal sized trolley, what you need are panel cart trolleys. Depending on the goods you’re stocking there are rubber panels for delicate items, and galvanized for sturdier ones. The weight capacity of these trolleys can be up to 1000 kilos.

Drum Trolleys

Drum bunding trolleys and trolleys equipped with a spill bin improve safety by reducing the spillage of potentially hazardous chemicals. These types of trolleys allow a person to move smaller containers and drums up to 200 L safely thanks to the secure lock mechanism. Warehouses of pharmaceutical companies and any kind of factory that stores chemicals and dangerous materials should use some form of a drum trolley for safety and health reasons.

Scooter Trolleys

To answer the needs of large warehouses and the facilities stocking heavy items, there are scooter trolleys. These materials handling trolleys have a platform or basket at the front and can be either motorized or pushed by the person similarly to a scooter. Using this kind of trolleys saves time spend in walking from one place to another which can increase the overall working pace.

Step Trolleys

This is an incredibly efficient solution that combines a trolley with a ladder. Whenever you need to stock items into places too high to reach, you can quickly fold out the small ladder under it without having to search for a ladder. There are many different designs of step trolleys, with some even featuring shelves.

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