Scandinavian Interior: where Simplicity, Authenticity and Comfort Reside

Scandinavian countries seem so distant and cold to us Aussies. They’re everything we’re not, and I wouldn’t mind at all if it stayed that way forever. But there’s one thing I would gladly steal from them, and it’s their perfectly designed homes. Scandinavian interior design is known for creating liveable and lovable spaces – clean lines, soothing colours, warm materials and no clutter. If you find the minimalistic and sophisticated approach of the style perfect for decorating your home, here are a few key aspects to keep in mind.

Scandinavian Furniture Australia

Refined and Authentic Furniture Pieces

If Ikea is your go-to store for capturing this style, you are setting yourself up for failure. The style’s unique beauty hides in the lesser known but esteemed brands. Scandinavian designer names like Muuto, Menu, Verner Panton, Hay and others have succeeded in creating their signature styles thanks to a number of iconic pieces. Including one or two such designer pieces in your come can add an authenticity which is hard to match.

Modern Scandinavian furniture successfully implements natural wood and takes advantage of innovative textiles. No matter the designer brand, attention to detail, high-quality craftsmanship and a sleek yet artful look shows up in every piece. Whether it’s a comfy egg chair, industrial inspired pendant lights or a leggy coffee table, a piece of Scandinavian furniture Australia stores offer can inject your home with the genuine Nordic design legacy.

Embrace Simplicity and Order

In the Scandi-inspired home, there’s no room for clutter, and knick-knacks should be kept to a minimum. The larger pieces of furniture can come in subtle colours such as white, brown or pastel, giving you the freedom to play with décor and accents seasonally. For instance, in winter you can add some warm, knitted pillows on the couch, while in summer you can use a vibrant-coloured bamboo throw made out of cooling materials. The love for simplicity Scandi-homes have can be seen in the clean, bare floors adorned with small fluffy area rugs, crisp, white walls with a piece of tasteful art here and there and

This beautiful simplicity goes hand in hand with order. The perfectly pulled-together look, unique for Scandi-homes is created by smart storage solutions. Storage ottomans, drawer cabinets and coffee tables with plenty of room underneath are just some of the multi-functional Scandinavian furniture Australia homeowners addicted to organizing will love.

Create Comfy Areas

Having a wide array of seating options around your house promotes the healthy hygge feeling Scandinavian style aims to capture. A bulky couch can beckon you to have a seat and a few cosy armchairs and ottomans scattered around the house will ensure that everyone has a comfortable place to perch for a while. Some beautiful throw pillows on the couch and a small footrest tucked under the coffee table will add to the feeling of comfort.

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