A Brief Review To Read Before You Buy Minecraft LEGO

If you’ve decided to buy Minecraft LEGO, you’re in for a surprise mainly because of the level of versatility this toy set offers. Usually, LEGO sets are themed and there are not many possibilities to play with the bricks using your imagination and skills. This one is quite different; it’s a virtual set that offers infinite possibilities for new creations and has an amazing physical incarnation.


The main difference between the Minecraft and other LEGO sets is the fact that the design of this set is focused more on the core of the game rather than simply offering endless recreation for its users. Steve, which is the hero of the game, the zombies, all his enemies and the scary Creepers appear in most sets, while the kits are all designed according to the moments players experience while exploring the worlds that can be created within this set.

When you buy Minecraft LEGO and open the kits, you’ll notice the mathematics with which every brick is constructed. All walls, blocks or shapes you can find in the set are made of clusters of 2×2 bricks with a flat capper to make them look as real as possible as an actual cube. Geometry and stability maybe don’t mean that much for your small bricks, but when it comes to the larger sets, you’ll notice their importance.

A few examples of the worlds you can create are the famous Cave, the First Knight and the Mine; all different and with the possibility to be connected into one world. The entry-level set, The Cave is just a slice of Minecraft, and it can be made with the subterranean chambers of the set which recreate both lava and waterfalls, falling from a source brick and pooling into a flat LEGO plate. The First Knight kit is a little more complicated, since this kit is seen as a consequence from the modified construction style. This means that some of the support bricks, like the cubic walls are hard to stay in position until you assemble the roof frame.

Besides these small details that might irritate a child or a very impatient adult, once the worlds are created, they’re the most detailed sets in the entire LEGO range. Very detailed sights, detailed interior with everything in it: a bed, a table, a forge and a storage chest, along with a detailed exterior – a fenced pig pen along with a cute pig for the main character Steve to ride.

All in all, you won’t make a mistake if you decide to buy Minecraft LEGO set, whether you buy these toys for 4 year olds¬†or for a LEGO aficionado who enjoys building and creating new stuff.

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