The Best Crawler Cranes Available Online

Crawler cranes are lifting machines mounted on tracks ideal for working on soft surfaces. The crawler cranes are very stable due to the steel tracks unlike cranes on tires. Also, crawler cranes can lift heavier loads when compared to the cranes on tires. A typical crawler crane consists of a track propulsion system, operator’s cab, control area (known as a boom) and an engine located on the top of the track. The boom has cables with which loads are lifted, but there are crawler cranes models with extended booms able to stick horizontally. This attachment that extends the booms is called jib, and enables a crawler crane to move items away from its center.


Versatile, maneuverable and attachment-supportive machine, the crawler crane is used for many applications such as demolition, casing oscillators, material handling, soil compaction and others. There are many manufacturers of crawler cranes that offer different models of crawler cranes for sale available on the Internet. Here are the two best crawler cranes for sale available online.

Liebherr LR13000 – Liebherr LR13000 is officially the most powerful and tallest crawler crane in the world. The crawler crane runs on a really huge tank and is like no other crane. Despite its huge size, the LR13000 is very easy and quick to set up and can move around the site easily. The LR13000 can lift a maximum of 3,300 tons at a distance of about 12 meters. Its hook is about 10 meters long and weights about 100 tons, while the boom varies from 60 to 150 meters in length. The maximum height this crawler crane can reach is almost 300 meters. The dual Liebherr V8 engine provides 1360 horsepower and powers this crawler crane.

Hitachi 6000SLX – Hitachi 6000SLX is a huge crawler crane with a lifting capacity that ranges from 350 to 500 tons. The 6000SLX has received a Japan Brand Award in 2010, which proves how popular the crane is. These crawler cranes for sale are widely available on the Internet, as they are very efficient at large construction sites, wind farms or nuclear facilities. The original Hitachi 600SLX weighted about 400 tons itself, but because it wasn’t according to the global regulations, the weight was reduced for 30 tons and height for almost 3 meters. This crawler crane offers varieties of boom configurations, depending on the application. Its boom is about 230 meters long, while the jib ranges from 30 to 85 meters maximum. This crawler crane is Eco-friendly because it is wind powered.

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