The Advantages of Modular Cabins: Get Your Own Little Piece of Paradise

You’ve probably come across a picture on Instagram of a small, idyllic cabin in the middle of the woods and you’ve thought that such things are probably available only for the very rich. Well, contrary to what you may believe, today, owning a remote cabin isn’t that out of reach for the common Joe thanks to modular construction. In case you don’t know what modular construction is, and what the benefits of prefab modular cabins are, I’ll talk about just that to showcase the advantages it brings for people who want to have their own little piece of paradise away from the urban jungle.


Due to the fact that prefab modular cabins are built in a factory, they can be manufactured very quickly. There are no on-site delays, and there’s no need for construction crews to drive in the middle of nowhere every single day in order to work on your cabin. That being said, there also aren’t any delays due to bad weather. Many people think that modular cabins are inferior to on-site built cabins in terms of quality, but that can’t be further than the truth. Modular cabins must conform to specific guidelines, building codes, and rules that are oftentimes stricter than the ones for traditional cabins.

One important thing to keep in mind when considering a modular cabin is to shop around, as not every modular construction company that makes prefabricated cabins is reliable. There can be great differences in the service, price and most importantly, quality. With that said, doing your own research before deciding on the best company is crucial. Moreover, modular cabins have no design limitations. You can get any style of modular cabin you want, regardless of whether it’s Scandinavian-style, Mediterranean, contemporary or anything in between.


Another misconception about modular cabins is that they’re more expensive, which is actually quite the opposite. Of course, the rates vary from company to company, but you can usually save a lot of money with prefab modular cabins. Due to the fact that the cabin is made in a controlled environment, there aren’t any unexpected delays. Additionally, all inspections are performed at the factory, where the cabin is built by a third-party inspector. However, worth noting is that the more complex the specs and the design of the cabin is, the more it will cost. Usually, plumbing, electrical and ductwork aren’t factored into the initial cost, so the final cost may be slightly more than the initial quote. You’ll probably also have to install a septic system, or a basement, which can also add to the bottom line. Regardless, prefab modular cabins are the ultimate choice if you’re looking for a fast, modern and affordable solution.


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