The Advantages of Long Range Fuel Tanks


If you’re planning on taking your HiLux for a ride in the vast Australian outback, you have to think and plan ahead. This is especially important when it comes to planning your fuel supply, as once you leave the urban areas, service stations are hard to come across. That being said, ensuring your HiLux can store enough fuel so that it can get you to the next fuel station is of utmost importance. Running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere is not just inconvenient, but it can also be very dangerous, because after all, we are living in Australia, where every animal is out to get you, and the heat can get overwhelming quickly.

One way to ensure you have enough fuel for your trip is to carry a couple of jerry cans, which on average will give you a decent mileage of about 500-700km. However, stacking jerry cans will take up a lot of valuable space which you probably need for something else if you’re riding the Australian outback, such as survival equipment, sports gear, camping gear and whatnot. Moreover, jerry cans need to be stored safely, because after all, you are storing flammable liquid inside them. So what do you do? Pretty simple – you invest in long range fuel tanks. There are long range fuel tanks Toyota HiLux made for your specific model and make, ensuring they fit your HiLux snuggly and safely.

Long range fuel tanks Toyota HiLux owners can fit on their HiLuxes, and literally forget the last time they refuelled their vehicle. Typically, these fuel tanks are made with strength and reliability in mind, using aluminised steel so that they’re lightweight, yet durable. Manufacturers design them with rough Australian riding conditions in mind, meaning you won’t have to worry about it when riding through ramp-over angles, as the tank offers maximum ground clearance and strategically placed mounting points to reduce stress when used in extreme riding conditions.

The benefits of adding a long range fuel tank to your Toyota HiLux are many and obvious, meaning you don’t get empty promises by retailers claiming that they add more horsepower and torque, or better fuel economy, like is the case with most aftermarket parts. Instead, you get what you see – more fuel capacity, stored safely. The centre of gravity is as low as possible, and you have the option to max out your fuel tank at much lower prices in cities instead of paying top dollar at remote fuel stations. The only downside is that long range fuel tanks can have a high upfront cost of about a thousand and some dollars. However, you can expect the tank to pay itself off in just a couple of tours just by savings you get on paying lower city fuel prices.

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