Details Matter: How to Choose The Right Hardware for Your Bathroom Basin

When I talk about decorating a bathroom, I always make a point to remind my readers that minding the details can truly make or break the whole room. Details are one of those things we often overlook or don’t pay enough attention to, but in reality, should be one of our top priorities.

Choose The Right Hardware for Your Bathroom Basin
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Details are what truly help a place become what it needs and aspires to be, no matter if it’s a bathroom, living room, or just a simple garden shed. A bare room and one filled with small little accent pieces are extremely different from one another, so overlooking details shouldn’t be on the table at all. Even when minimalist homes are in question, there are always subtle ways to add to the bareness and make it more attractive.

However, there is another side of details, one that has nothing to do with looks, but everything to do with practicality and safety, especially when it comes to the bathroom.

Important Details in the Bathroom


An important detail in the bathroom is anything that isn’t a part of the more robust furniture, but still, either aids it or has a function all of its own. To make this picture a bit more clear, I’d like to give an example.

Your bathroom basin, for instance, is a piece of bathroom furniture that takes up space and is a centrepiece all on its own, so it clearly isn’t a part of the detailing we’re talking about. What is, however, are the water fixtures, plugs, and other accessories that don’t always come with the sink itself, but are installed with it to help it serve its function properly. Aside from functional, they also have aesthetic purposes and that’s what makes really looking into the available selection before choosing so important.

If you’re renovating your bathroom or are building a new one from scratch and would like some guidance on a well-rounded, fully functional, and completely stylish bathroom basin – read on as I’ve comprised an easy list of absolute necessities that will help you achieve just that.

Choosing Basin Plugs


The very first thing you’ll need to look into when choosing the detailing for your bathroom sink is a well-made basin plug and waste addition. This may seem like jumping the gun, but it will actually allow you to start the choosing process in a more relaxed manner, will give you enough time to think about the rest of the details we’ll talk about a bit later, and will give you the chance to plan the overall sink area more carefully.

Basin plugs are simple things that are super easy to use and keep you and the environment you use to preserve your hygiene safe and sound. Your sink is used much more often than your bathtub, for example, and it gets a lot more things going down its drain, so the right bathroom plug will stop potential damage to your pipes, preventing much bigger issues with your whole water supply system.

Bathroom plugs come in a large variety of sizes, so you’ll need to mind this and choose one that will work perfectly well with your sink. Look at the waste hole in your sink or ask for a measurement from the manufacturer and choose a plug that will fit it just right, but will also leave a bit of space for everything unneeded to go down easily. It’s important for your basin plug to be able to catch things like hair from going down the drain, so a nice bathroom waste addition is always preferred.

Once you’ve tended to the size you should look at the colour of the material. Your basin plug can be made of a variety of materials, like steel or metal, and they can also come in colours like metallic silver, bronze, gold, copper, but also shiny or matte black, and so on. You may be able to request a specific colour by contacting your manufacturer. Pay great attention to the colour and its shade as it will need to be harmonious with the rest of the hardware detailing around your basin and the rest of the bathroom.

Choosing a Faucet


Now for something bigger and just as important – the faucet.

It’s always a bit trickier to choose the bigger items when you’re redecorating, so having something smaller to guide you is always great. You may find it easier to pick a basin plug and then get a faucet to complement it. If it so happens that you decided to take a different road, you can always exchange the smaller item or keep it to create a bit of lovely contrast between the two.

But when it comes to the faucet, there’s more to think about than just looks. More importantly, there’s functionality. You want your faucet to be easy to use and water-efficient. Considering how the bathroom makes up for more than half of residential water usage, investing in a water-efficient faucet can help reduce your water expenses.

The water efficiency of faucets and other bathroom fittings is determined by their WELS rating. The WELS rating ranges from one star to six stars. The more stars, the more water-efficient the faucet will be.


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