Step by Step Guide to a Glam Makeup Look

Makeup – the secret weapon used to enhance one’s beauty. A form of art through which one can express style and individuality. With the power of makeup, you can completely transform a person’s physical appearance and influence their self confidence, so it is no wonder this industry grows more and more every day.

With tons of new beauty products being released every month and new beauty gurus and talented makeup artists emerging on a daily basis, it is getting harder to keep up with the latest trends and follow the newest routines. Sure, applying everyday makeup and achieving a natural look is quick and easy most of the time, but sometimes you just need to add a little more glam for your special occasion and this is where things get complicated. Watching tutorials of your favorite beauty gurus and makeup artist create glamorous looks is definitely helpful, but if you are an absolute beginner, you need a step by step guide. Follow these steps and unleash your inner diva!


Exfoliate and Hydrate

First and foremost, skincare is a crucial part of everyday and glam makeup. Your skin needs to be in perfect condition in order to achieve flawless makeup look. You can improve the appearance of your skin by regularly exfoliating. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from your skin, therefore making it smoother and brighter. You can choose from chemical, physical or DIY exfoliates according to your skin type. Hydration goes hand in hand with exfoliation. Use serums to rehydrate your skin and moisturize it regularly.

Prep Your Face

The next essential step in creating a timeless glam makeup look is prepping your face. This will greatly influence the final result and ensure that your makeup stays intact for a longer period. Use a primer of your choice and apply it all over your face to blur out fine lines and imperfections. A good primer will also give you a more radiant skin tone and a smoother complexion.


After your face is prepped, it is time to apply the base for your makeup look. Of course, choosing a foundation that matches your skin tone is key in this step. It is the best to use a formula that is lightweight and has natural finish to avoid looking cakey. Next comes the concealer to hide the imperfections such as dark circles or large pores. Blend it well to make sure there is no change in tone between the foundation and the concealer.


Contouring and Highlighting

This is where the magic happens. Contouring is a makeup technique that can completely change the structure of your face. However, you need to use it wisely to embrace your natural beauty. Contour the underside of your cheekbone, under the jaw line, above the temples and around the hairline. This will add warm and depth to your face along with definition. Use a highlighter to accentuate areas such as the bridge of your nose, the high point of the cheekbone and under the eyebrow arch. This will enhance the focal points of the face and add a radiant glow.


Eyebrows frame your entire face and their shape can make or break your entire makeup look. Defined and well groomed eyebrows are a must for a glam makeup. There are a lot of products for filling in eyebrows, but beauty gurus recommend using a brow gel. Start filling in mid-brow and move outwards, then lightly fill in the inner part of the brow. Brush the gel across the brow to ensure that there is an equal amount of product from start to finish.

Eye Shadow

This may be the hardest part in achieving a glam look. It all depends from your desired look. If you opt for the timeless smokey eye look, you will need an eye shadow primer, eye shadows of your choice and a liner. Start by applying an eye shadow primer to make sure your makeup stays put. Continue with applying transition mid-tone shade all over your lid. This will help you blend easier. Next, apply the liner along the lash line precisely. Then, layer dark tones over the liner and carefully blend them. Apply dark tones along the lower lash line as well. After you’re done, smudge it out using a brush or your fingers to create a smokey look.



A glam makeup look cannot be complete without long and delicate eyelashes false or natural. For natural eyelashes, use high-quality mascara for length, volume and definition. Avoid products that make your lashes clumpy because it can completely ruin your look. If you want to add even more drama to your eyes choose false eyelashes. They add instant glam to any eye look. If you consider the second option, you should first find the appropriate false eyelashes for your eye shape. Then, choose a brand that uses natural human hair for the extensions. When applying the false lashes, ensure that the band stays invisible and if possible, use dark glue. Eyelashes false or natural should look long and feathery. Don’t rush with this step and take your eye look to perfection.


Paint your lips with a vivid and glamorous lipstick. You can choose between matte or sparkly finish. Things you should take in consideration when choosing a good lipstick are appearance, coverage, staying-power and feeling on the lips.


Set Your Look

Last, but not least, you need to set your look to make sure your makeup lasts longer and that it won’t built up in your fine lines and wrinkles. Alcohol based setting sprays are more effective, but alcohol free options are better for the skin because they increase hydration. No matter which one you get, just a light mist or a few spritzes should be more than enough.

Now, you are all done and ready to go, just don’t forget to take a few selfies to memorialize your look.

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