Skincare: Habits for a Healthy Skin

What you do for your skin matters, simply said. Over time, it matters even more, because though it might not be so obvious, certain habits you have may not exactly be doing your skin a favour.

Let’s take something as basic as a body wash, for instance. Unless you use natural body wash, you can’t count on adequate care because synthetic products are drying out the skin, and given that the skin is highly absorbent, you’re making way for many toxins straight to your circulatory system.


If you take a shower every day, then you pile up on chemicals on a daily basis. In other words, you’re still polluting your body even if you don’t live in a polluted area.

As long as you make sure what you buy is 100% organic, you can rest assured you’re providing your skin with natural nourishment that would help with the complexion, appearance, reduction of the signs of ageing, and improvement of the health.

Along with being careful with your choice of skincare products, opting for natural body wash, cleansers, moisturisers and makeup, all according to your skin type, it’s also important to reduce the stress you go through. Of course, it seems easier said than done, but it’s nothing a bit of pampering can’t do.

Stress can literally wreak havoc to your body, speed up ageing, ruin your tone, and make way for problems like acne so you can’t afford to be stressed out. You have to remember to make relaxation part of your daily habits, as well as staying hydrated because not drinking enough water┬áis equally bad.

Another culprit for uneven skin tone and appearance altogether can be a sleepless night. Sleep is important for our bodily functions, and skin health is no exception, which is why you have to do everything you can to get the beauty sleep you need, every night.

We hear this time and time again, skin protection is mandatory. However, not many of us resort to using sunscreen when it’s cloudy or any season other than summer, and we should because the harmful UV rays still affect us no matter whether it’s a sunny day or not.

In fact, they can get through to you even when you’re at home, so sunscreen should become your best friend. UV radiation is a sneaky danger indoors and out, so don’t forget to pay a visit to your dermatologist every now and then for a checkup. Skincare habits go a long way!


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