A Simple Guide to Buying Crimping Tools

Crimping tools are one of the most commonly used tools in a wide range of industries. As such, there are many variations of them and the market is oversaturated. That being said, buying a crimping tool, or an entire set, can be overwhelming for some people when looking at the thousands of options available on the internet. How do you know which brand to trust and which one is a rip-off? Surely, the price is an indicator to some extent, but that’s not something anyone can claim with certainty.


As someone who has used a wide range of tools from many different brands, I can confidently vouch for DURATOOL, SP Tools, KNIPEX and Weidmuller products. In fact, most of the tools I use are Weidmuller products. There are probably plenty of other quality brands, but you’ll have to do your own research on them to decide whether they’re worth considering or not. Let’s get back to crimping tools in particular, and what are the factors you need to consider when buying one to ensure you get the best value for your money.

First and foremost, you need to consider the size. Crimping tools come in a wide range of sizes meant for a wide range of tasks. The common crimping tool sizes are 4, 6 and 8. Besides the size, you also need to consider the purpose of the crimping tool. There are some models specifically designed for plumbing, for example, while others are made for insulated connectors.

weidmuller products

Depending on the application that the crimping tool is intended for, it may have different features to make the job easier. For example, a crimping tool for insulated connectors may feature a release option in case of incorrect operation, a locator for exact positioning of contacts, or a ratchet for precise crimping. That being said, shop around and see whether you can find a model that fits your specific needs down to the T.

Furthermore, look for a crimping tool with an ergonomic design. The handle should be comfortable to grip and your hands shouldn’t tire after extended use. The ideal crimping tool will allow you to maintain a firm grip without any additional stress to your hand. Extra safety features, like a blade guard, can also come in handy when stripping wires, as they protect you from accidental injuries.

Lastly, consider getting a tool that comes with a warranty. As aforementioned, quality brands that create quality tools stand behind their products. Learn about the terms and conditions of the warranty so that you can have peace of mind when buying a costlier tool.

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