Life with Pets: Making the Home Pet-Friendly

Having a pet means having a friend for life, that’s how much of companions they are; this goes for cats, as much as it does for dogs. Same as you’d do for any family member (given that with time, you’d start considering pets family members too!), you want them to feel comfortable at home, and though they would as long as there’s love for them, it’s important to add a change or two, making the home pet-friendly.

First things first, adding a pet screen door is a requirement. Like it or not, there’s still some part of wilderness in our furry friends, and they do need a bit of time outside on their own to get some fresh air, go on walks of their own, or enjoy their secret lives.

Pet Screen Door

Choosing a pet screen door, one added to a new door you purchase, or installed as a DIY project, you have to take your pet’s size into consideration, as there are different opening sizes in height and width. You could consider this a stylish project too, as they come in a variety of colours, from black and white, to primrose, brown, and stone beige to name a few. Once you install it, you can enjoy the sight of your excited pet running through it in and out.

Since pets are much like children, full of curiosity, it’s important to make the home safe. This can be installing latches on doors, to prevent the pets from reaching to places where food is stored, as well as chemicals. You can do so by placing dangerous items on top shelves, however, you have to agree, that’s not exactly the best pet-proofed solution when you have cats.

Same as you’d do when childproofing, petproofing means hiding wires, and strings, as they can easily tangle up, which could result in a choking accident to say the least. More on the hazards, make sure to buy your plants with caution, as there are many of the beautiful ones that are poisonous, and dangerous for pets as they love to chew on them. Some of the dangerous ones are azaleas, lilies, and tulips.

Next up, pet stuff. Along with acquiring the adequate food, it’s important to acquire the adequate toys and ensure there’s plenty of playtime; playtime is the perfect workout that also serves for developing some skills. For dogs this would mean piling up on chewing toys, for cats lots of hiding spots, cat trees, and scratch pads – the last thing you want is having your furniture serve as a scratch pad, right?

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